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BNP Paribas Group consolidates its Internet strategy

Under the merger between BNP and Paribas, the new group plans to rationalize its secure payment services, and is planning to discontinue the commercial development of its subsidiary KLEline. Outstanding contracts will be honored.

The employees and technological expertise of KLELine will gradually reinforce the Group's Internet operations and R&D teams.

The BNP Paribas Group is a major player in retail banking in France, and is a market leader in distance banking and e-commerce:

- for corporate clients, the Group offers a wide range of Internet services (BNP Net Entreprises, Business Village, Autovalley) and e-commerce solutions (secured payments using the SSL protocol, creation and development of proprietary e-commerce activities through the Télécommerce range, and soon the possibility of making payments over the Internet using smart-card readers with the launch of the Cyber-COMM range).

- for individual customers, the Group has a range of Internet and telephone banking services (BNP Net, Banque Directe, BNP en ligne) and on-line brokerage facilities through Cortal.

By consolidating its Internet strategy, BNP Paribas intends to continue its investments in Internet-related activities, and will allocate the capital and human resources needed to ensure that the Group is able to meet its targets.