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BNP Paribas Group: 2nd Quarter 2003 Results

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The Best NBI and GOI since the group was created

Stable provisions

Contribution of Non-operating items down 432 million euros

Operating income: 1,457 million euros (+33.3%)

Net income group share: 902 million euros (-10.4%)

* In a still difficult economic and market environment, and despite the adverse impact of the fall in the dollar, the Group posted very strong operating performance compared to the second quarter 2002.

- Net banking income: 4,651 million euros (+12.6%), a record high in the Group's history
- Gross operating income: 1,775 million euros (+24.9%), another record high in the Group's history
- Operating income (after provisions): 1,457 million euros (+33.3%)
- Net income group share: 902 million euros, down 10.4% due to a weak contribution of capital gains from securities and a one-off tax charge in connection with the option to change the tax status of the Group's publicly traded real-estate subsidiary.

* Retail Banking's businesses have continued to grow in volume and become increasingly profitable.

* Asset Management and Services has continued to be affected by the level of stock market prices, but substantially improved its results compared to the first quarter of the year.

* Corporate and Investment Banking again posted very strong revenues and income and has confirmed its profitability as well as its competitiveness compared to its international competitors.