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BNP Paribas divides its share's nominal value in half

In connection with the authority given to it by the Shareholders meeting on 15 May 2001, BNP Paribas's Board of Directors has moved to cut the share's nominal value in half to 2 euros, thereby doubling the number of shares.

This move is intended to ensure that BNP Paribas's shares remain widely available to individual investors. The share price of BNP, now BNP Paribas, in effect rose from around 36 euros at the time of the BNP's privatisation in October 1993 to it present share price of over 100 euros today.

The share division will enhance its liquidity and is in line with current practices noted in the leading global financial centres. It is part of BNP Paribas's continued effort to deliver growth and profits.