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BNP Paribas develops retail banking in the Mediterranean basin

BNP Paribas Retail Banking continued to expand its branch networks in the Mediterranean basin, confirming the region's dynamic performance as a key growth driver for the group.

At the end of 2008, the bank had a total presence in the Mediterranean basin of more than 3,900 branches with the opening of nearly 200 new branches. The region also saw the installation of more than 1,000 new ATMs (automated teller machines) and demonstrated its commercial strength by attracting more than 800,000 new customers.

Specifically, this zone includes the two domestic markets of France and Italy, where the Group has a total of more than 3,000 branches which maintain intensive business relations with the other countries of the Mediterranean basin.
BNL in Italy opened 50 new branches and 230 ATMs in 2008, increasing its network to 750 branches, and gained 155,000 new customers. The group's Mediterranean network in France includes 275 branches and it gained 57,000 new customers in 2008. BNP Paribas has supplemented its French organisation of 4,900 ATMs with the inauguration in Marseille of its first drive-in ATM. However, BNP Paribas is also well established in a large number of Mediterranean emerging markets, where the group has gradually built a network that now includes 900 branches and was significantly expanded in 2008.

In Turkey, TEB increased its network to over 336 branches by creating 63 new branches. TEB also has 165 new ATMs and gained more than 190,000 new customers in 2008.

In Egypt, BNP Paribas Cairo has been growing at a considerable pace, attracting 36,000 new customers, installing 27 new ATMs and opening 10 new branches in 2008, thus raising its network to a total of 52 branches.

In Libya, the group, which entered into a strategic alliance with Sahara Bank in 2007, now operates through a network of 48 branches and has become the second largest bank in the country.

The group also expanded its network in North Africa in 2008 with the opening of 22 new branches and 20 new ATMs for BMCI in Morocco, 13 branches and 22 ATMs for BNP Paribas El Djazaïr in Algeria, and 6 branches for UBCI in Tunisia. BMCI gained 41,000 new customers while El Djazaïr gained 28,000. In 2008, Morocco had a total of 9 drive-in ATMs.

All the banking subsidiaries in this organisation have now adopted the “stars in flight" logo, the BNP Paribas group's corporate visual identity.

Further to the partnership initiated with TEB (Türk Ekonomi Bankasi) in Turkey and the acquisition of BNL in Italy, Turkish and Italian desks have been established in the Mediterranean basin. BNL Italian desks are now located in France, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt. TEB's Turkish desks are operational in Algeria and in Egypt. These offices support Italian and Turkish companies in their business operations in these foreign markets.

Furthermore, BNP Paribas has a network of Trade Centers dedicated to international customers in these 6 countries. The Centers offer a vast range of products and comprehensive international trade services to customers. In 2008, the Trade Centers' revenues surged by nearly 45%, jumping from €53.5 million in 2007 to €77.4 million.

About BNP Paribas Retail Banking
BNP Paribas Retail Banking includes all the Group's retail banks (6,000 branches, including 4,000 outside France) and the core businesses specialised in loans to individual customers and equipment financing for companies:
- “BDDF”, for retail banking in France
- BNL bc, for retail banking in Italy
- BancWest, for retail banking in the United States,
- Emerging Markets, for retail banking in emerging countries,
- Personal Finance, for consumer credit and mortgages
- Equipment Solutions, for equipment financing for companies (Arval, BNP Paribas Lease Group).
Geared towards operational development and efficiency to serve its individual and corporate customers in France and throughout the world, six Central Missions have been created to support this organisation: Distribution, Markets & Solutions, Development, Brand & Communication, US Steering, and Wealth Management Networks, as well as the HR Mission, plus Retail Banking Information Systems and the Cash Management Business line.

BNP Paribas Retail Banking represents more than 120,000 employees in 52 countries.

About BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas ( is a European leader in global banking and financial services and one of the 6 strongest banks in the world according to Standard & Poor's. The group is present in 85 countries, with 171,000 employees, including 131,000 in Europe. The group holds key positions in three major segments: Corporate and Investment Banking, Asset Management & Services and Retail Banking. Present throughout Europe in all of its business lines, the bank's two domestic markets in retail banking are France and Italy. BNP Paribas also has a significant presence in the United States and strong positions in Asia and the emerging markets.