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BNP Paribas becomes a Certification Authority for the Ministry of Finance (MINEFI) and launches a site dedicated to electronic certification

  • 16.05.2001
The electronic certification service offered by BNP Paribas has been successfully audited and its certificates can now be used for VAT tele-declarations and tele-payments to MINEFI.

BNP Paribas Enterprise Authority, the certification authority of the BNP Paribas Group, was listed by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry (MINEFI) on May 4 for the issuance of its Net Identity certificates.

This initial stage means that BNP Paribas can help its business clients to fulfil their obligation to tele-declare and tele-pay their VAT (TeleVAT) on the Internet.

TeleVAT became an obligatory tele-procedure in May 2001 for businesses with a turnover figure of more than FRF 100 million before tax. It is the first user application for BNP Paribas electronic certificates.

The electronic certificate authenticates the user on the Ministry's TeleVAT server at entry of the VAT declaration and allows the user to sign electronically, which leads automatically to tele-payment.

BNP Paribas provides Net-Identity software certificates which the company's employees can download onto their desktop computer from a newly created site, a site which also allows businesses to manage their certificates directly online.

The unique quality of the BNP Paribas proposal is immediately evident in its simplicity and pragmatism (reduced demand for certificates and available online), its integration into the BNPNet ENTREPRISES distance banking sector and in the assistance provided for businesses via the BNP Télématique Assistance.

In concrete terms, BNP Paribas makes the TeleVAT application a part of its ambitious certification policy with the widespread use of electronic certificates in its banking applications and the applications of its partners (exchange of contractual or legal documents, electronic commerce etc.) whilst making transactions (domestic and international) more secure, through its agreements with Identrus and GTA.

The preferred bank of small and medium-sized businesses, BNP Paribas naturally fulfils its calling to accompany businesses in their technologically advancements and in this way confirms its role as a third party which businesses can trust for all their added value trading on the Internet. Over 13,000 businesses registered with BNPNet Entreprises already carry out their banking online.
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