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BNP Paribas Cash Management's Service Quality Acknowledged in Euromoney Poll

In the annual cash management poll by the international finance magazine Euromoney, BNP Paribas Cash Management's quality of service was acknowledged by respondents. Euromoney polled treasurers and financial officers in 40 countries throughout the world. There were 318 responses to the survey. In a ranking of 31 global banks, BNP Paribas Cash Management came no.1 in terms of ‘level of commitment to your cash management business'.

The bank also received high scores for security and service including:

- Quality of electronic banking security - No.1
- Access to all applicable clearing systems - No.1
- Quality of personnel - No.3

Other strong points for BNP Paribas Cash Management which emerged from the international poll were:

- Usage of the appropriate EDI standard - No.1
- Strength of relationship with bank (in terms of use of other bank services) - No.2
- Competitive pricing - No.3
- Centralised and/or in-country client service - No.4

Established in April 2000, the BNP Paribas Cash Management Business Line is proud of its rapid growth in a competitive environment. In this year's Euromoney poll we came 7th overall in Western Europe and 9th overall in the world. In terms of new contracts won, however, we are rapidly gaining market share. This is significant in a market characterised by long-term relationships. The results of the Euromoney 2002 cash management poll reinforce BNP Paribas Cash Management's corporate philosophy, which places primordial importance on accompanying our clients and guaranteeing them first class service.

About Euromoney

Euromoney magazine, was founded in 1970 and is a leading monthly magazine in the world of finance. Each month, Euromoney reports on deals and deal-makers in the global capital markets on such subjects as Eurobonds, Euro-notes, credit risk, derivatives, treasury management, foreign exchange, technology and other subjects which affect the global capital markets. Euromoney has over 28,000 subscribers of which 54% are Chairmen, Presidents, Managing Directors, CFO's and treasurers of global companies and financial institutions; 37% are Directors of specific departments at financial institutions, as well as heads of investment/asset management firms and securities analysts. Demographically, 35% work in companies; 35% in commercial banks and at institutions; and the rest in professional positions. Geographically, 25% are in North America; 26% in the UK; 22% in Continental Europe; 15% in Asia; 5% in Latin America; and 7% in the rest of the world.

About BNP Paribas Cash Management

At BNP Paribas we provide a full range of international cash management solutions for our corporate clients: information reporting and payment instructions, e-business services and liquidity management solutions (e.g. cash pooling). At BNP Paribas, we believe service quality to be the key to successful cash management. A team of banking product specialists is available for the implementation of your cash management solution and will accompany you at every stage of the implementation process. For ongoing daily support, the Cash Customer Service offers a single personalised contact for international cash management services. In addition, the bank has formed bilateral partnerships with other large banking groups. This opens a network of over 8,000 branches to BNP Paribas' corporate clients and ensures the bank's position as a leading player in international cash management.