BNP Paribas, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Crédit Agricole and Société Générale introduce answork on-line business-to-business e-market place

  • 07.11.2000
"answork, B-to-B horizontal market place, unveiled before the summer by BNP Paribas, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Crédit Agricole et Société Générale is now up and operating", Henri Dufer, answork's Chairman announced today. The first orders were successfully placed as soon as the on-line platform began operating in mid-October. Since then, the number of transactions between the shareholders' procurement departments and a number of their suppliers has grown.

The name answork refers to the contraction of 'answer' and 'network' In association with Commerce One, the company delivers a total technological personalised solution enabling buyers and sellers to optimise business transactions via the Internet on terms negotiated in advance, and in a dedicated and secure environment . answork effectively guarantees maximum reliability of data transfers and total confidentiality of commercial information by combining state-of-the-art new technologies with proven expertise in B-to-B commerce.

Dominique Engasser, answork's CEO explained, answork is a neutral operator: it does not call into question conditions of existing business relationships but rather facilitates the implementation thereof to the advantage of both parties. In fact, answork can automate all stages of a business transaction between a supplier and its customer based on a dedicated, pre-negotiated and confidential catalogue, with no interruptions in the flow of information thanks to the Internet."

Initially dedicated to the purchase of goods and services which businesses need , answork will rapidly cover all stages of the supply process, from posting catalogues on-line to managing the order approval process, delivery, invoicing and tracking payments. This market place thereby helps buyers to cut costs and supply process time, and sellers to enhance their customer relations while reducing business transaction costs. answork will also offer a range of services providing superior value.

To this end, answork will offer its customers service support from connection to deployment (diagnostic analysis of needs, user training, user hotline, technical assistance for project management, assistance in implementing changes), including digitising and administering vendor catalogue data. The commerce platform is compatible with most integrated management software packages (ERP) and e-procurement and e-selling systems.

With four equal shareholders, BNP Paribas, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Crédit Agricole et Société Générale, answork now has 15 million Euros in equity capital. Putting its four shareholders procurement on-line also ensures immediate economic visibility. The operator thereby benefits from sound financing and resources to achieve its goal of becoming a leader in Europe. "Our goal is to account for 20% of Internet business-to-business commerce in goods and services by 2003," stated Dominique Engasser. New major French and European market players are expected to join the financial backers in the coming weeks.

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