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BNP Paribas breaks new ground for business customers with eRoom, a secure collaborative workspace making it easier to set up business transactions

Setting up transactions and monitoring major projects requires numerous exchanges of documents between the bank, the company, and external participants (auditors, lawyers, credit insurance companies, etc.).

BNP Paribas now allows its customers to structure these exchanges using secure collaborative Web-based workspaces, accessible at all times by the various participants in the project regardless of their location. The solution chosen by the bank to do this is Documentum eRoom.

Efficiency and reactivity
A collaborative workspace allows you to centralize all the information exchanged with your customer (commercial offers, letters, contracts, draft agreements etc). At all stages in the transaction, the participants in an eRoom may:
- submit information (new document, comments, notes, etc.) and notify participants in real time (email alerts)
- share, exchange and modify all types of files and documents
- record files and trace the history of events and documents.

A strong authentication system and flexible authorization management allow different levels of access to the collaborative workspace and guarantee the confidentiality of the information exchanged.

Simple and user-friendly
Using a simple Web browser, eRoom allows you to create a collaborative workspace for each project and set parameters by including the list of authorized members and a wide range of functions (e.g. filing zone, dates, schedule, instant messaging, etc.). It can therefore be readily appropriated, without prior training.

BNP Paribas thus enables its business customers around the world to rationalize financial project management, by bringing together in a single workspace all types of skills that may come from several lines of business within the group (Corporate Finance, Project Financing, Export Financing, Cash Management, etc.).