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BNP Paribas Asset Management launches Antin Nouveau Marché

This new fund, aimed at customers of BNP Paribas Banque Privée France, is invested in young innovative companies with high growth potential.

Antin Nouveau Marché invests in a healthier market
2001 was a year in which the Nouveau Marché underwent a significant shake-up. The companies that withstood the economic slowdown were those that had adequate liquid assets and sound development plans. Small Caps are expected to benefit fully from the world economic recovery expected in the second half of 2002. This is particularly the case for the biotechnology and outsourcing sectors, although greater caution is advised concerning Internet-related stocks and the software sector.

Antin Nouveau Marché is managed by a dedicated team of professionals
The Antin Nouveau Marché fund provides an opportunity to invest in securities that, because of their volatility and relatively short trading history, would otherwise be too risky for direct investment. Selecting such securities requires in-depth analysis and regular monitoring; teams of specialists manage risks professionally.
Taking advantage of the expertise of BNP Paribas Asset Management's Small Caps team, the overall strategy is defined using a fundamental approach to sectors and securities. The companies selected for investment combine an attractive valuation with a promising growth outlook and solid management, thus improving controls and limiting risks.

Antin Nouveau Marché benefits from an advantageous tax regime
As a fund eligible for PEA (equity savings plan) accounts, Antin Nouveau Marché enables investors to take advantage of higher investment limits.
Since the new fund meets the requirements of the decree relating to so-called "DSK" insurance and capitalisation contracts, investments may also be made in connection with BNP Floréal Privilège life insurance contracts and, in the near future, in Multiciel Floréal Privilège capitalisation contracts.

The creation of Antin Nouveau Marché takes to 15 the number of eligible PEA funds offered by BNP Paribas Banque Privée France.

Antin Nouveau Marché technical data:
SICOVAM code : 98301

Investment objective : To outperform the Nouveau Marché index in the medium term, by investing in growth securities offering investors good visibility and transparency.