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BNP Paribas announces appointments within its Executive Committee and Company Engagement Department

  • Anne Pointet is appointed Head of Company Engagement and a member of the Executive Committee.
  • Elise Hermant, Head of Communications, joins the Executive Committee.
  • Antoine Sire is appointed Advisor for Impact Economy and Social Inclusion.

Anne Pointet, 48, will become BNP Paribas' Head of Company Engagement on 1 July 2024, succeeding Antoine Sire, 63, in this role as well as in the Group's Executive Committee. Elise Hermant, 42, Head of Communications at BNP Paribas, will also join the Executive Committee, now reporting directly to the General Management.

The Company Engagement Department was created in 2017 by Jean-Laurent Bonnafé to accelerate, unite, spread and embody BNP Paribas' action in favor of civil society and in particular environmental and social transitions.

The Company Engagement Department is at the heart of BNP Paribas’ transformation. The skillsets present within the department, and its culture, help the Group’s business lines to take ownership of the challenges related to sustainable development and to take criteria related to climate, biodiversity and the fight against inequalities, into account when making operational decisions. BNP Paribas is now a recognized leader in all these areas, having increased its corporate philanthropy efforts, which have represented 1% of the Group's results on average over the last 5 years.

Anne Pointet will continue to strengthen this course of action, with the support of Laurence Pessez, Deputy Head of Company Engagement in charge of CSR, and Isabelle Giordano, Head of Group Philanthropy and General Delegate of the BNP Paribas Foundation. Antoine Sire will continue to support the Group as Advisor for impact economy and social inclusion.

Elise Hermant joined BNP Paribas in September 2022 to lead the Group's communication and reputation activities supporting the "GTS 2025" strategic plan.

"In his 16 years at the service of our brand and, 7 years at the head of Corporate Engagement, Antoine Sire has played an essential role in the environmental and social transformation of BNP Paribas and the embodiment of its strong human values. He will remain in the Group's social innovation ecosystem, while dedicating part of his time to personal projects in the field of culture. With her unparalleled understanding of the Group's businesses and her passion for sustainable development issues, Anne Pointet's mission will be to ensure the Group's positioning in our actions on behalf of the environment and social inclusion, while supporting the growing industrialization of these issues at a time when customers increasingly expect a just transition. Elise Hermant, who has been in charge of Communications for the past 2 years, will join the Executive Committee to bring the Group's reputation and image management to this level", said Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, Director and Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas.



Anne Pointet began her career at the Ministry of Defense as Head of the Government Legal Department, and then at the Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and Industry as Financial Counselor for the Middle East. She joined the BNP Paribas Group in 2007 to manage the subsidiaries of the Gulf countries (GCC) and then the network of overseas subsidiaries in 2009. Then in 2011, she started working for BNP Paribas Commercial Bank in France (BCEF) and took the helm of the Languedoc and PACA Business Centre. In 2013, she became Director of the retail network and Private Banking Centre for the 16th arrondissement of Paris. In 2015, Anne Pointet became Head of France’s South-East region, comprising more than 200 branches and 2,600 staff. Anne has been Deputy Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas Wealth Management since 2020, where she oversees Wealth Management activities for Domestic Markets and International Retail Banking. Anne Pointet is a graduate of Sciences Po and an alumna of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (2003).


Elise Hermant began her career in various ministerial cabinets in charge of work and social relations and then solidarity. She then joined HAVAS Paris as Consulting Director for major corporate clients. In 2013, she joined ADP Group as Head of the Media and Reputation Division, then Director of Communications and member of the Executive Committee in 2018. Elise Hermant is a graduate of CELSA and Sciences Po.


Laurence Pessez has been leading the Corporate Social Responsibility of BNP Paribas since 2010. Prior to her current role, she occupied a variety of positions in Communications, Marketing, HR and Sustainability in several other corporations. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) and of the Board of Directors of BSR, a network of responsible companies and consulting firm. Laurence graduated from Sciences Po.


Isabelle Giordano is Head of Group Philanthropy and General Delegate of the BNP Paribas Foundation since 2021. Isabelle Giordano was Chief Executive Officer of UniFrance Films from 2013 to 2019, in charge of promoting French cinema internationally. From 2019 to 2021, she has been Chairman of the Culture Pass Strategy Committee. For more than fifteen years, she was a journalist and presenter of the ‘Journal du cinéma’ emblematic of ‘madame Cinéma’ on Canal Plus, then a producer and editor in chief for television and radio (France TV, Arte, France Inter). Since 2006, Isabelle Giordano has been President and founder of the association Cinéma pour tous, which aims to make cinema accessible to as many people as possible. Isabelle Giordano is a graduate of Sciences Po.


Antoine Sire was Assistant to the Director for Communications and Regional Action of the French Association of Banks - now FBF - from 1992 to 1995, then Communications Director of the Confédération Nationale du Crédit Mutuel (1995-1997). For 16 years, he was Head of Group Communications for BNP Paribas, where he created the company’s new brand following the merger of BNP and Paribas and developed its strong reputation. He also played a key role in developing the brand’s international recognition and broadened its social commitments. In 2013, he left BNP Paribas to focus on a long-term personal project, writing a historical book on Hollywood’s Golden Age actresses, published in 2016. Since 2017, Antoine Sire is Head of Company Engagement and a Member of BNP Paribas’ Executive Committee. Antoine Sire graduated from Sciences Po and holds a degree in Public Law.

BNP Paribas is the European Union’s leading bank and key player in international banking. It operates in 63 countries and has nearly 183,000 employees, including more than 145,000 in Europe. The Group has key positions in its three main fields of activity: Commercial, Personal Banking & Services for the Group’s commercial & personal banking and several specialised businesses including BNP Paribas Personal Finance and Arval; Investment & Protection Services for savings, investment and protection solutions; and Corporate & Institutional Banking, focused on corporate and institutional clients. Based on its strong diversified and integrated model, the Group helps all its clients (individuals, community associations, entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporates and institutional clients) to realise their projects through solutions spanning financing, investment, savings and protection insurance. In Europe, BNP Paribas has four domestic markets: Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg. The Group is rolling out its integrated commercial & personal banking model across several Mediterranean countries, Turkey, and Eastern Europe. As a key player in international banking, the Group has leading platforms and business lines in Europe, a strong presence in the Americas as well as a solid and fast-growing business in Asia-Pacific. BNP Paribas has implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility approach in all its activities, enabling it to contribute to the construction of a sustainable future, while ensuring the Group's performance and stability.