BNP Paribas in 2000 again improves its results and profits

  • 07.03.2001

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BNP Paribas in 2000: BNP Paribas again improves its results and profits

All the Group's core businesses contributed to the improved financial performance and the successful merger in a highly favourable market

- BNP Paribas has in 2000 net income, group share, of 4.12 billion Euros, up 57.7% compared to 1999 (26.3% before restructuring charges).

- This increase is a direct result of the improved gross operating income, which brought the cost/income ratio to 64.2% (66.6% in 1999). This brought the Group's post-tax return on equity to 20.9% (17.1% in 1999).

- This performance was accomplished the same year the merger was implemented, giving rise to the new Group. The merger was a success and the synergies announced at the outset have been and will be achieved more rapidly than expected.

- All the core businesses contributed to the improved performance. The Group has defined and implemented an ambitious and targeted growth strategy for each of the core businesses.

- Earnings per share in 2000 came to 9.4 Euros, up 29% compared to 1999. A 2.25 Euro dividend per share (or 3.375 Euros including the tax credit) shall be put to the shareholders at the General Meeting.
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