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Appointments at BNP Paribas

· Alain Moynot is soon to be appointed Head of Global Professional Ethics at BNP Paribas Group

· Jean-Laurent Bonnafé will become Head of Domestic Retail Banking

· Christian Aubin, Secretary of the Board of Directors, is placed in charge of steering the Group's Sustainable Development efforts.

BNP Paribas Group has moved to set an example in professional ethics compliance. Its aims are to safeguard the interests of its customers, abide by market integrity, prevent laundering of money gained through criminal activity, combat corruption and terrorism from within the banking and financial services industries. In accordance with such aims, Christian Aubin has structured and headed the Group's professional ethics compliance practice worldwide.

The Group has set for itself the same level of high standards in terms of corporate governance and sustainable development, and Michel Pébereau gave Christian Aubin, 64, advisor to the President and CEO, Secretary of the Board of Directors, the task of steering the Group's appropriate efforts in these areas.

BNP Paribas' growth and expansion, and its ambitions for its various core businesses, require the Group to intensify its professional ethics practice. That is why, Alain Moynot, 56, a member of BNP Paribas' Management Committee and Head of Domestic Retail Banking has been appointed to head the global effort by Michel Pébereau because of his wide experience across the Bank's core businesses and in-depth understanding of and experience with our clientele and employees.

Alain Moynot takes on this new job after boosting the financial and business performance of Domestic Retail Banking to its best level, working closely with his team and the whole domestic retail banking organisation, implementing the necessary structural and organisational reforms and developing Domestic Retail Banking's 2005 project. He also put together the team of people that will be carrying out the project.

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, 40, since December 2000 Head of Strategy, Sales Development, and the Domestic Retail Banking Organisation and Channels, has been named Head of the Domestic Retail Banking core business. Until now, he has co-directed, along with Michel Clair, the merger completion effort during the BNP Paribas merger period.


Christian Aubin, 64, a General Finance Ministry Auditor, entered BNP Paribas Group in 1988. After working as Assistant Vice-President of BNP's Major Corporate Customers Division, then of the Bank's Internal Audit and Strategy division, he was appointed Advisor to the President and CEO in 1998, before being named Head of BNP Paribas' Professional Ethics practice. Christian Aubin is a member of CRC-CNC and the Statutory Auditors Independence and Professional Ethics Committee.

Alain Moynot, 56, a graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, has spent his entire career within BNP Paribas Group. He first joined the Bank as Auditor, Head of training and recruitment, Director of a group of branches, he was later appointed Regional Director of Toulouse in June 1988, then to the Paris Branches Division in 1993. Since 1996, he has been involved in managing the bank branch organisation in France and, in June 1998, was named Assistant Vice-President. When BNP Paribas was created, he was appointed Head of all Domestic Retail Banking activities.

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, 40, a graduate of the Polytchnique engineering school, trained as an engineer, he joined BNP Paribas Group in 1993, in the Major Corporate Customers Division. After serving as Head of Strategy since July 1997, then co-directing the merger completion effort during the entire BNP Paribas merger period, since December 2002, he was Head of Domestic Retail Banking Strategy, Sales Development, Organisation and Channels.