The American e-business strategy consulting firm Kasina classifies among the 5 top European mutual fund Web sites.

  • 27.06.2001
Kasina announced its ranking of the best European mutual fund Web sites. Parvest, BNP Paribas Asset Management's flagship Luxembourg-based umbrella-fund, has been selected for its Web site dedicated to its distribution network ( This platform appears among the first 5, out of more than 200 analyzed European Web sites, and beside Fidelity Investments, Schroder Investment Management, Skandia and Threadneedle Investments, ranked in no particular order.

Kasina used a proprietary rating system that scored the Web platforms in five categories :
- branding, consistency between online and offline materials
- content, information about fund managers, portfolio strategy, and other investment facts
- online services, including transactional functions
- usability, measuring the ease of navigating a site
- Web technology, including online chat and other customer service tools

Kasina particularly picked Parvest as a leader in usability for its extensive customer relationship management strategies.
This ranking rewards BNP Paribas Asset Management's investments for its external distribution network, a strategic business development for the company.

Parvest is the Luxembourg-registered umbrella investment fund of BNP Paribas Asset Management.
Since its creation in 1990, Parvest has enjoyed a constant and strong growth. It currently comprises 77 sub-funds, has assets of over 14 billion euros, and ranks among the leading Luxembourg investment funds. Parvest is marketed in more than 20 countries.
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