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Geopolitics and the climate emergency: a special edition of "Perspectives"

As an actor with longstanding commitments to accelerating toward a decarbonised economy, BNP Paribas has dedicated a Special Edition of its "Perspectives" publication to the urgency of the low-carbon agenda in light of the current geopolitical situation.

“A major energy transition is undoubtedly urgent for several reasons including public health, ethics, biodiversity and intergenerational solidarity.”  

William De Vijlder

Group Chief Economist, BNP Paribas

What you’ll find in this special edition of "Perspectives":   

  • Maintaining our commitment in the context of an unexpected crisis by Laurence Pessez, Global Head of CSR, BNP Paribas
  • An opportunity to accelerate the transition and to boost EU industrial autonomy by William De Vijlder, Group Chief Economist, BNP Paribas  
  • The energy transition boosts industrial autonomy by Nicolas Bertrand, Global Head of Industry Research at BNP Paribas
  •  Sobriety, a key element of the energy transition by Sébastien Soleille, Global Head of Energy Transition and Environment at BNP Paribas 

And more! 

Read the special edition of Perspectives

Who is behind “Perspectives”?

“Perspectives” is a quarterly publication dedicated to themes around ESG and developed by the Network of Experts in Sustainability Transitions (NEST) Coordinating Team. This internal network brings together nearly 400 sustainable finance experts from all BNP Paribas business lines and functions, by pooling their expertise to support the transition of Group clients. 

Find all issues of Perspectives and other CSR publications here. 

Photo credit: Farknot Achitect, Soonthorn

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