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Alperia: producing clean energy from renewable sources

Based in Bolzano, Alperia is one of the main players in the green energy sector in Italy. The company produces renewable energy using the power of water and currently manages an electricity network covering more than 9,000 kms.

Alperia, producer of clean energy 

Alperia has been producing renewable energy for 120 years, having built the first hydroelectric power station in South Tyrol. Today, the company operates 35 such installations and its growth is focused on the energy transition, with a range of solutions such as the production and distribution of renewable energy, district heating, the sale of electricity and green gases, e-mobility and also energy efficiency based on artificial intelligence. 

Today, Alperia owns 35 hydroelectric plants, 7 district heating plants and 7 photovoltaic plants. In 2023, the company produced 4.6 terawatt hours of energy, 93% of which came from renewable sources. Its electricity distribution network extends over 9,348 km and provides 248 gigawatt hours of district heating. 423,429 individual, business and government customers trust Alperia.  

Alperia is a forward-looking company and aims to provide 100% sustainable energy services. 

The green company continues to create value for regions and local communities by combining its industrial objectives with the socio-economic development of the geographical areas where it operates. It contributes to the energy transition by managing its activities with respect for the ecosystem, people and resources.  

For those who move the world: Alperia & BNP Paribas

The Italian company Alperia produces clean, renewable energy and aims to increase energy savings and efficiency for more responsible, environmentally-friendly consumption. 

In Italy, Alperia is the:


biggest renewable energy producer 


biggest hydroelectricity producer  

BNP Paribas Group was an obvious choice thanks to its leadership in sustainable finance and its capacity to provide ESG-related solutions.

Vito Zaccaria & Gianni Cencini

Head of Utilities, Infrastructure and transportation at BNL BNP Paribas /  Director M&A Structured Finance at Alperia

Support from BNP Paribas  

Thanks to the expertise and commitment of BNL BNP Paribas, Alperia launched its first sustainable development plan in 2016 and issued its first green bond using a private placement. Sustainable finance is an integral part of the growth strategy adopted by Alperia, which has committed to investing €1.7 billion in commercial and industrial activities supporting the energy transition by 2031. 

The company therefore needed a financial partner sharing the same values. Thanks to its leadership in sustainable finance, coupled with an ability to provide solutions linked to ESG criteria, the BNP Paribas Group was an obvious choice. 

Since its creation, BNL BNP Paribas has supported Alperia's growth by providing a global banking service in Italy and internationally, enabling it, for example, to finance new hydroelectric plants, issue green bonds, provide and deploy e-mobility solutions, etc. 

The new Alperia biomass power station for district heating in Merano, Italy.

In 2023, with the support of BNL BNP Paribas, Alperia tapped the public Eurobond market for a first issue of green bonds to finance or refinance its sustainable projects in line with the company's energy transition strategy. Investor demand was strong and the issue was almost twice oversubscribed. In addition, international investors showed their interest by subscribing to more than 70% of the bonds placed. The success of the green bond issue allows Alperia to open new markets

Financial support from BNP Paribas allows the Italian company to produce more clean and renewable energy and increase energy savings for a more environmentally friendly future. 

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