At the service of our clients and society

In a world that is in full flux, BNP Paribas, as a major global economic actor, must assist its customers by providing them with innovative and responsible solutions for all their plans and at each moment of their lives. In committing themselves fully to real-world actions with all of its stakeholders to achieve a positive impact, the Group is taking a sustainable and inclusive approach to the environmental, societal, technological and economic challenges of our time.

Developing innovative solutions that suit our customers' needs

In response to the emergence of new ways of consuming, working, moving about, saving and investing, BNP Paribas constantly adapts its offering to those services that best address its customers’ expectations. In concrete terms, this has resulted in the emergence of new payment means and the growing integration of technologies at the service of a better human and digital experience. This also means constant attentiveness and dialogue with our ecosystem, in order to take part in useful innovation.

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Supporting societal transitions sustainably 

To address societal and environmental challenges, BNP Paribas decided at a very early stage to make acceleration in sustainable finance a strategic priority. In this way, the Group is helping to create a world that is more environmentally friendly, more inclusive, and more sustainable by helping to finance its customers’ environmental transitions and accompanying their switch to a more responsible model at all levels.


Engaging with society

BNP Paribas is attentive and respectful of the world around it, of the environment, and of the most vulnerable persons. That’s why it takes to heart those causes that make sense. As a responsible employer, the Group is committed to a proactive approach in favour of diversity, equality and inclusion. The BNP Paribas Foundation structures its initiatives around three priorities of culture, solidarity and the environment. Confident that collective action is one key to success, the Group relies on its solid geographical anchoring to engage with society with a focus on young people and the most vulnerable members of society.

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