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Frédéric Lemonde-San

Deputy Head of Media Relations

frederic.lemonde-san [at] bnpparibas (dot) com" target="_blank">Contact me

Sarah Worsley

Media Relations Manager
Corporate and Institutional Banking

sarah.worsley [at] bnpparibas (dot) com" target="_blank">Contact me

Valérie Sueur

Media Relations Manager
Corporate and Institutinal Bankinf France / Economic Research

valerie.sueur [at] bnpparibas (dot) com" target="_blank">Contact me

Malka Nusynowicz

Media Relations Manager
Retail Banking & Services / Corporate Social Responsibility

malka.nusynowicz [at] bnpparibas (dot) com" target="_blank">Contact me

Marion Saraf

Media Relations Manager
French Retail Banking / Cinema / Tennis

marion.saraf [at] bnpparibas (dot) com" target="_blank">Contact me

Servane Costrel de Corainville

Media Relations Manager
Wealth Management

servane.costreldecorainville [at] bnpparibas (dot) com" target="_blank">Contact me