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“Giving power to those who take action” means giving wings to people who are working towards fair and sustainable transitions. For 40 years now, we have identified, brought together and promoted talents that are behind innovative and high-impact projects and who are actors of systemic change – socially, environmentally and culturally.

Through our tailor-made support, we are at the forefront of proactively promoting people and projects that are helping to change the world for the long term. We bring greater attention to those people and projects, leverage their efforts, and perpetuate their impact. That is our vocation.

Giving power to those who take action

The BNP Paribas Foundation, a major player and expert in corporate philanthropy since 1984, operates under the wing of the Foundation de France

For 40 years, the BNP Paribas Foundation has embodied part of the Group’s responses to challenges that, in a changing world, are disrupting existing balances. Acting at the forefront of civil society and on what moves it forward, the Foundation is at the heart of the BNP Paribas Group’s social and environmental responsibility strategy.

In fact, this is one of its key roles – to act for the common good, to promote this ambition, and to persuade each one of us to do their part. To protect, remediate, inspire and to act, on both urgent matters and for the long term, to extend a hand and give everyone a chance.

40 years of achievements and emotions shared by – and our partners and beneficiaries in video

“Driven by the impetus provided by the Groupe’s teams, the Foundation furthers the Group’s ambition of making us actors of our collective fate, of doing our civic duty to make the world a better place, and of providing the right solutions. The Foundation has a crucial role, because we can’t win if the world loses.”

Antoine Sire

Head of Company Engagement

Our ambition? To make the Foundation a benchmark in corporate philanthropy

The BNP Paribas Foundation acts as a “spearhead” in coalition with external partners, with the Group’s other foundations and by rallying its employees, its business lines, and territories wherever the Group is present.

“Taking action to make the world a better place is inscribed in the DNA of our philanthropic activities. Innovating, fostering dreams, supporting visionary actors of solidarity, the environment and culture who challenge us, empowering those who are taking action, and playing our role as a lookout are all missions that we take to heart in each of our philanthropic activities. The creation of our new exploration lab will further this pioneering approach.”

Isabelle Giordano

Head of Philanthropy at the BNP Paribas Group and General Delegate of the BNP Paribas Foundation

Since 1984, the Foundation has provided its support to more than 2 million beneficiaries and more than 4,000 projects, including


social and educational initiatives 


scientific research programmes, including the Climate & Biodiversity Initiative


cultural projects

As an accelerator of transition, the Foundation stands out in its pioneering and leading role, as well as in its capacity to respond to the major societal issues of our age. It is also guided by two themes – innovation and youth – which are infused into three fields of societal action: solidarity, environment and culture.

Our 3 fields of action

Supporting actors of solidarity, scientific researchers, and artists who embody innovation and impact is part of the Foundation’s DNA.  The Foundation’s outstanding support for equal opportunity, scientific research and artistic creativity is solidly anchored in these three separate and independent fields of action. The Foundation acts as a lookout in adjusting to a new age by building bridges and cross-functional programmes in these three broad fields of action.

Solidarity: equal opportunity

Accelerating and empowering

The BNP Paribas Foundation fights against various forms of exclusion, particularly in underprivileged neighbourhoods, and supports programmes to promote social integration and education. It also supports the Group's employees’ initiatives.

Our commitments to solidarity
Environment: climate and biodiversity 

Understanding and alerting

The Foundation invests in French and international research teams concerned with understanding the impacts of climate change and the correlation with the evolution of our planet's biodiversity.

OUR COMMITMENTS to the environment
Culture: dance, jazz and the circus arts

Innovating and sharing

The Foundation’s cultural philanthropy actions support creativity and access to culture in three fields: dance, jazz and circus arts.


Our five flagship programmes

Projet Banlieues: since 2006, 1,200 associations supported and 1,200,000 beneficiaries.

Odyssée Jeunes: since 2009, 55,000 student beneficiaries 1,300 school field trips, 137 middle schools.

Climate & Biodiversity Initiative to support climate and biodiversity scientific research. Since 2010, 500 scientists supported worldwide.

The refugee programme promotes their integration into working life and the learning of the language of the host country. Since 2015, 30 associations supported in 12 countries

Dream UP:  since 2015, 55,000 beneficiaries in 29 countries.

BNP Paribas Foundation: our commitments
“Can a changing world evolve towards new paradigms? Is a world that is fairer, more sustainable and more artistic possible? For many people, not only is this possible, it is a necessity. This is the approach that the BNP Paribas Foundation has taken for almost 40 years, backing social innovation as well as artistic creativity and environmental research and doing what it takes so that each of its actions has an impact on the world and society at large.”

Michel Pébereau

Honorary Chairman of BNP Paribas, Chairman of the BNP Paribas Foundation

Our Organisation

Executive Committee of the BNP Paribas Foundation

Chaired by Michel Pébereau, the Executive Committee is the collegiate body that ensures the governance of the Foundation and is responsible for its actions vis-à-vis the Fondation de France. 

The Executive Committee is made up of 15 members divided into 3 colleges representing the various entities and skills of BNP Paribas as well as qualified persons and experts from outside the bank in the 3 fields of intervention of the BNP Paribas Foundation (solidarity, environment and culture) in order to guarantee the transparency of the Foundation's operations.

The Executive Committee meets twice a year. It decides on the strategy of the BNP Paribas Foundation, the commitments of the Foundation to projects exceeding €40,000 and their proper implementation.

The Executive Committee is supported in its mission by three other committees:

The Solidarity Committee

The Solidarity Committee is made up of Group employees and members of the BNP Paribas Foundation. It meets twice a year to approve the Foundation's commitments in the social field for projects of up to €40,000 per year or €120,000 over 3 years. Its members are elected for a renewable period of 3 years.

The Culture Committee

The Culture Committee, made up of BNP Paribas employees, meets three times a year to approve the Foundation's commitments in the cultural field (jazz, contemporary dance, circus arts) for projects of up to €40,000 per year or €120,000 over 3 years. 

The Environment Committee

Consisting of Group employees and BNP Paribas Foundation members, the Environment Committee meets twice a year to sign off on the Foundation’s commitments to environmental research, particularly regarding the interactions between climate change and the loss of biodiversity, as well as projects raising awareness of environmental challenges. The amounts for these projects range up to €40,000 per year or €120,000 over three years. Committee members are appointed for three-year terms and may be reappointed.

Members of the Executive Committee of the BNP Paribas Foundation

Effective 16 November 2023, the members of the Executive Committee of the BNP Paribas Foundation are:

BNP Paribas permanent members

Michel Pébereau, Chairman of the BNP Paribas Foundation 
Isabelle Loc, Head of French Commercial Banking 
Thierry Laborde, Chief Operating Officer, Commercial, Personal Banking & Services
Sofia Merlo, Head of Human Resources 
Antoine Sire, Head of Company Engagement

Other BNP Paribas members

Charlotte Dennery, Director and CEO of BNP Paribas Personal Finance 
Renaud Dumora, Deputy COO of BNP Paribas, Head of Investment & Protection Services (IPS) 
Elena Goitini, Chief Executive Officer of BNL 
Elise Hermant, Head of Group Communication 
Yannick Jung, Head of Corporate & Institutional Banking Global Banking EMEA

Independent members

Jean-François Chougnet, Culture qualified representative
Dominique Hervieu, Culture qualified representative 
Yunne Shin, Environment qualified representative
Catherine Wihtol de Wenden, Solidarity qualified representative

Non-voting members

Nathalie Hartmann, BNP Paribas qualified representative
Michel Konczaty, BNP Paribas qualified representative

Our team

  • Isabelle Giordano, Head of Group Philanthropy and General Delegate of the BNP Paribas Foundation
  • Solidarity: Agnès Beccaria, Kelly Carvalho, Sovarie Gédin, Perrine Tesse
  • Environment: Delphine Gluzman, Dorine Carton
  • Culture: Mathilde Favre, Adeline Jacques
  • Rescue & Recovery Fund: Dorine Carton
  • Communication: Isabelle Candelier, Afi Affoya, Nathalie Andriamamonjy, Michael Bousseton
  • Cross-functional projects: Cécile Advani, Jeanie Darras, Fatiha Houat

Commitment to the common good

Find out how BNP Paribas' philanthropy is committed to the common good around the world, through our 2022 Report.

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