Projects funded from 2020 à 2022 

In 2019, the BNP Paribas Foundation endows its Climate & Biodiversity Initiative with six million euros and funds 9 international new research projects

BIOCLIMATE: forests and biodiversity in the Amazon

Addressing knowledge gaps by adopting novel and well established methods to compile an extensive evaluation, specifically focused on the biodiversity and associated ecosystem processes within climate-affected and human-modified Amazonian forests in the Santarém region in Brazil.

Project led by the Lancaster University (United Kingdom). 

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NOTION: ocean and food chain

Determining how future climate change will alter the diversity and activity of marine diazotrophs (planktonic cells), and how these changes will impact global ocean productivity.

Project led by the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO, France).

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Ocean - NOTION project- Climate & Biodiversity Initiative - BNP Paribas Foundation

SABERES: fishing and rising sea levels

Promoting the preservation of the Amazon river floodplain biodiversity and ecosystem services under climate change by developing a management and policy framework to increase socio-environmental and biodiversity resilience.

Project led by the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD, France).

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LIFE WITHOUT ICE: melting of glaciers

Studying the consequences of glacier extinction for biodiversity and people at a global scale, with focuses in both temperate (France) and tropical regions (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Peru, Uganda, and Venezuela). The project will aim to move along to solutions through a knowledge-based dialogue (from scientists and local people).   

Project led by the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD, France).

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CAMBIO: new forests

Identifying which tree species mixtures can optimize climate mitigation and adaptation (resilience to extreme events) with the aim of optimizing afforestation as a solution for climate change.

Project led by the Ghent University (Belgium).

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MOMMY KNOWS BEST: birds and evolution

Understanding how various environmental conditions affect the ability to display plasticity through evaluating how multidimensional and novel environments affect the different steps underpinning adaptive plasticity is needed. 

Project led by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS, France).

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Project Climate & Biodiversity Initiative MOMMY KNOWS BEST : Eurasian Bleue Tit

CORESCAM: extreme events and ecosystems

Studying the vulnerability and resilience of coastal biodiversity to the increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes and droughts in the Central American region. 

Project led by the Spanish National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN, Spain).

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TREE BODYGUARDS: trees in the food chain and citizen science

Understanding the effect of current climate on tree resistance to herbivores and on biocontrol in order to predict the potential consequences of climate change on tree and forest's health.

Project led by the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE, France).

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HUM/ANI: health and climate change

Identifying how the impact of climate change and biodiversity erosion modifies interactions between fauna, flora and mankind, and how it is linked to increasing infectious diseases’ threats and multi-hosts transmission in in Austral African socio-ecosystems.

Project led by the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD, France).

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Projects funded from 2017 to 2019 

Sentinels of the sea ice (SENSEI)

Measuring the impact of global warming on seabirds and marine mammal that inhabit the Arctic and Antarctic regions or rely on them for their reproduction.
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Collecting unprecedented data on tropical climates over the past 800,000 years to better define regional climate changes and understand how the tropical forest has reacted to them.
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Better understanding the mechanisms of soil carbon sequestration in tropical agricultural systems and further improving practices in family-based agriculture.
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THEMES: The Mystery of the Expanding tropics

Better understanding the interaction between climate warming and the Hadley cell (a large-scale atmospheric movement that redistributes heat from the equator to the tropics), which is expanding the subtropical dry zones in the Southern hemisphere.  

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REEF Services

Measuring and predicting the consequences of global warming on the coral reefs and the services they provide (fishing, tourism, coastal protection).
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East Antarctic International Ice Sheet Traverse (EAIIST)

Collecting unprecedented data to model the evolution of East Antarctica, a region still largely unexplored, and its possible consequences on ocean level rise. 
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Joint Attribution of Biopysical and Economic Impacts of Hydroclimatic Extremes 

Modelling extreme climate change events in Africa and their effects to help populations reduce their exposure to these phenomena.
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More closely accounting for IPCC projections and their impact on economic, political and socio-cultural aspects of governance models in the countries most vulnerable to climate change. 
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Projects funded from 2013 to 2016

  • APT - Acceleration Of Permafrost Thaw By Snow-Vegetation Interactions: Preventing the massive release of CO2 from the permafrost.
  • SOCLIM - Southern Ocean and Climate: Knowing the Southern ocean better to protect it.
  • CPATEMP - Continental Past Temperatures since the Last Glacial Cycle and Recently Developed Organic Biomarkers: Learning from the past to improve climate change forecasting.
  • INVACOST - Invasive Insects and their Cost Following Climate Change: Preventing a massive insect invasion.
  • FATES - Fast Climate Changes, New Tools to Understand and Simulate the Evolution of the Earth System: Studying warming over thousands of years.

Projects funded from 2010 to 2013

  • AAA - Access to the climate archives at Fontainebleau.
  • eFOCE - Long-term effects of ocean acidification and experiments in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • PRECLIDE - Climate forecast for the next 30 years.
  • Ice Memory - Retracing climate history through an innovative ice core drilling process in the Antarctic.

Global Carbon Atlas

The Global Carbon Atlas is a website where the public can obtain, view and interpret the latest data on the global carbon cycle.

Funding from the BNP Paribas Foundation has enabled the Global Carbon Project’s teams to put a working and data-sharing platform on line for researchers worldwide focusing on the carbon cycle, as well as to update it every year since 2013.

Global Carbon Atlas

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