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Few start-up from BNP Paribas's ecosystem

The Financial Services Lab is a dedicated area where BNP Paribas presents Group innovations that illustrate new trends in banking and insurance. This year, all start-ups belonging to the Group’s ecosystem will be organised around major topics:


Cadre de Vie (France)

Cadre de Vie is an online service that helps people looking for a new home to define their needs, opportunities and choices based on the life places they frequent - e.g. home, work, schools and activities - and their purchasing or renting power. 

BNP Paribas French Retail Banking works hand in hand with Cadre de Vie to improve the customer experience.

Hesapkurdu (Turkey)

Hesapkurdu is Turkey's leading online financial services broker using bank integrations to offer easy and quick solutions for loan comparison, application and approval. Guiding content, a wide range of digital calculators and product transparency empower consumers to make the right financial decisions. 

Hesapkurdu’s mortgage solution “Jet Mortgage” won the 2016 BNP Paribas International Hackathon, which marked the beginning of a joint investment for Hesapkurdu and TEB BNP Paribas in Turkey, to fuel growth in digital loans.

Houser (Luxembourg)

Houser is the trusted source for professional real-estate information. We provide property valuations and market intelligence to banks and funds using real-time market data to help them comply with regulations, streamline real-estate loan processes, and assess portfolio risk.

Using the deep knowledge it developed on the housing market in Luxembourg, Houser provides customers with accurate property evaluations and closely monitoring its loan-to-value ratios.


Legrand, a global specialist in the design and manufacture of electrical and digital building infrastructure, has joined forces with Netatmo, the French market leader in connected objects for the home, with a view to providing a better user experience and enabling the development of new ‘smart home’ services.

BNP Paribas Real Estate is now working hand-in-hand with these IoT leaders in order to improve the control of resource consumption, ensure security and enhance the general well-being of the occupants of its connected homes.

Pierlis (France)

Pierlis works with corporate clients and startups to turn brilliant ideas into sustainable solutions.In an ever changing mobile ecosystem, its Paris-based crew of engineers helps delivering a unique experience with measurable quality.BuyMyHome by BNP Paribas helps people get their home loan and evaluate their borrowing capacity.

Pierlis developed the BuyMyHome app with BNP Paribas French Retail Banking, including a real-time interactive loan calculator. The result? Thousands of loan simulations creating a new channel for home loan distribution.

VECTUEL (France)

Since 2004, Vectuel has been a French leader in 3D for urban projects. Its success derives from a unique capacity to curate visual experiences for all scales, from a simple room to an entire city; and for all development stages, from design to marketing.

The collaboration between BNP Paribas Real Estate and Vectuel occured naturally given the growing importance of Virtual Reality in the corporate world. A shared focus on innovation brought the two entities together to develop POD, a VR property tool.  



All Industries is the first Italian startup to develop a chatbot, a personal assistant that understands user intentions and offers adapted solutions. This system is based on Artificial Intelligence that interprets dialogues without any syntactic or semantic constraints.

TalkForce by All Industries is directly integrated into one of Findomestic's point of sale partners. For selected products, the customer is given a QR code to access a virtual assistant service (Chatbot).

Carsift (United Kingdom)

Carsift makes buying a car a happier experience for customers and dealers alike.

Carsift, winner of BNP Paribas' International Hackathon 2016, helps BNP Paribas Personal Finance customers finding the right car for their needs! 

Cringle (Germany)

Cringle is a Berlin based fintech-startup, providing e.g. banks a co-branded payment app which they can use to offer p2p payments to their customers. 

Consorsbank and Cringle signed a 1 year-cooperation in May 17 with the aim to offer Consorsbank clients P2P payment on Cringle platform and generate insights.

cocoricar (France)

PayCar offers the easiest and safest way to buy or sell a second-hand vehicle. 

Cocoricar is a trust-building solution for transactions between individuals, offering a triple warranty (users, payment and car). Cocoricar was co-created by PayCar and Icare, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Cardif

Light speed (Belgium)

Lightspeed believe that commerce belongs to everyone, from the entrepreneurs who turn their dream of starting a business into reality to the storefronts and restaurants that project new ideas onto our streets. That's why they build best-in-class iPad Point-of-Sale and eCommerce software. 

BNP Paribas Fortis and Lightspeed are currently test-launching a packaged offer to help small and medium merchants manage their business in a leaner and more future-proof way.


Mall IQ is an indoor location-based mobile engagement and analytics platform. Its vision is to measure customers shopping intentions in real-time and provide insightful & actionable feedback, helping TEB understand customers' purchasing needs before they happen and engage them at the right time and location with relevant campaigns and information to improve customer satisfaction.

TEB's Retail and Digital Banking Business Unit introduced Mall IQ to TEB Angel Investment Platform who then connected them with Prof. Aykac, who has previously founded the first VC in Turkey.

PAYCAR (France)

PayCar offers the easiest and safest way to buy or sell a second-hand vehicle. 

BNP Paribas French Retail Banking and Hello bank! offer Paycar as an alternative to bank cheques for secure second-hand car payments. After signing up for a car loan, Paycar enables BNP Paribas Personal Finance customers to finalise their project with an online C2C payment solution. 

Wizaplace (France)

Wizaplace is a « marketplace maker », a global platform for the creation of B2C, B2B and C2C marketplaces. In one single environment, it integrates some 70 modules enabling the creation of any type of marketplace.

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions and Wizaplace are building a B2B marketplace where companies can share or sell second hand equipments.


Botart (Turkey)

Botart developed ChatBank, an intelligent chatbot for the banking sector. 

Alfa product developed for TEB on Facebook. TEB’s Private Angel Investment Platform connected Botart to ecosystem for its growth. 

Sharepay (France)

France Sharepay is a fintech startup based in Paris whose mission is to simplify shared expenses. Its Mastercard shares payments instantly by debiting several bank accounts in real time. Sharepay enables millennial couples to avoid having to open a joint account (50M in Europe don't have a joint bank account).

Hello bank! France and Sharepay work closely together to "simplify shared expenses", supported by the Fintech accelerator program by L’Atelier BNP Paribas.

CityFALCON (United Kingdom)

CityFALCON provides personalised financial news. Track comprehensive, real-time, relevant financial news, tweets and research for stocks, indices, foreign exchange, commodities, sectors, private companies and more.

MyAdvisory is a customised information provider developped in partenership with CityFalcon, an online tool providing personalised newsfeeds, trends from the online social investment community and more. (France) is a lending platform that provides loans to small businesses with the best financial profile to deliver the best returns for investors.

Crowdlending proposed to Hello Bank! clients in France to invest in the real economy while having a return on investment. 

DataSine (United Kingdom)

DataSine algorithms use a unique combination of machine learning and psychology to gain deeper customer understanding. Their mission is to help businesses build meaningful relationships with their customers. Their tools help financial institutions offer more relevant products and services, and communicate the benefits of these products in a personalised way. 

BNP Paribas Cardif works with DataSine to combine psychological research with data to build customer personality profiles in order to personalise products and services, and create relevant communication.

Seerus (Belgium)

Our job is to help companies from all sizes to adopt a customer centric vision in order to get insight from their customers and ensure a healthy growth (by collecting, answering, analyzing & spreading their feedbacks in one single tool).

BGL BNP Paribas works in collaboration with the startup SEERUS in order to validate a Proof Of Concept on the theme of Clients and Employees advocacy. The aim is to launch a first survey before the end of the year.

Manzalab (France)

Manzalab designs efficient Serious Games by combining proven gaming methods with cutting-edge immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality. Its creations are based on the most recent findings relating to neuroscience and learning processes.

BNP Paribas French Retail Banking explores the future of the banking experience with Manzalab by offering a unique Virtual Reality story in which Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence illustrate new ways to interact with a bank.

Pedius (Italy)

Pedius is a communication system helping people who are deaf or hard of hearing make phone calls, using voice recognition and speech synthesis technologies.

From December 2015, deaf people have the possibility to call BNL BNP Paribas in Italy without intermediaries using the Pedius app that converts a chat into a phone call in real time.

Personetics (Israel)

Cognitive Banking ApplicationsHarness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to transform banking relationships. - Personalised guidance- Conversational self-serviceAutomated money management.

As part of a pilot project with BGL BNP Paribas in Luxembourg, Personetics analyses customers' financial data to provide personalised insights, via push notifications. 

Qurami (Italy)

Qurami is the time-saving app!

With Qurami, BNL customers can now optimize their waiting time in branches with a recommended time notification and info about surrounding leisure activities

THEODO (France)

Theodo builds web and mobile apps in record time. Priding themselves on being curious and passionate about all things entrepreneurial, their mission is to eliminate wasted time and energy at work by implementing smart digital solutions.

Theodo teamed up with BNP Paribas to help clients invest by co-developing a set of digital applications and services, with the ambition for 2018 to create the augmented financial advisor thanks to artificial intelligence.  

Twikey (Belgium)

Twikey is a European market leader in Sepa Direct Debit eMandates. 

BNP Paribas Fortis refers creditors looking for an SDD-solution to Twikey, which is directly connected to BNP Paribas Fortis' eSigning API.


Creative Space Lab is a digital agency whose experts help companies carry out their Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality digital transformation using Artificial Intelligence-powered predictive mixed-reality technology.

With Creative Space Lab, BNP Paribas Cardif created Mobile Protect VR: the first Virtual Reality insurance experience designed to raise awareness about the benefits of insurance for mobile devices.



ACRETION boosts business performance using collaborative employee engagement platforms to help companies address key issues. Its digital co-building methodology makes operational value systems a reality by onboarding all stakeholders and managing cultural transformation.

Partnership with Acretion for its collaborative platform, a simple & digital tool, in order to reinforce our culture of commitment in a co responsible way.

ASPertise (USA)

ASPertise is a technology company that provides services in cybersecurity, Big Data and application development. With more than 30 programming languages and 130 IT experts, ASPertise leverages the cognitive strength of high potential people and consultants on the autistic spectrum.

Partnership with ASPertise for its services in sourcing specific profile in cyber security, Big Data and application development to improve our new way of working

Collaborne (Netherlands)

Collaborne is a mobile, social and cloud innovation management platform. Rooted in design and lean thinking, it helps customers - including BNP Paribas, Johnson & Johnson, Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands National Police and Engie - innovate and move from insights to venture.

Our ambition in partner with Collaborne is to put innovation and collaboration on the heart of everything we do: innovation the future of Corporate banking.

CRITIZR (France)

Critizr is a customer feedback management platform. It enables companies to collect, process and analyse the voices of their customers. A leading, trusted customer relationship builder, Critizr works with major French companies - including Carrefour, Total, Flunch and Nocibé - to transform customer relationships into a source of differentiation and growth.

The collaboration between BNP Paribas French Retail Banking and Critizr can be defined by agility, reactivity and advice. This agility enable the launch of a customisable POC to measure customer satisfaction in a very short time frame.


Blockchain Network Operator ChainOrchestra designs, develops and operates mutualised permissionned blockchain for companies.

Partnership with ChainOrchestra for support our internal projects by their Blockchain Network Operator expertise.

QED-it (Israel)

QED-it takes blockchain beyond experimentation to reach its full potential. It solves the confidentiality tradeoff using Zero-Knowledge Proof technology.

Partnership with QED-it:  to boost the most our business process with their solution Self Audit Platform.

SILAMIR (France)

How can you transform business practices deeply in the long term? Silamir is a full stack company (Business Consulting / IT & Digital / Product & Digital Design) that manages complex projects and conducts diruptive digital transformations. 

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions and Silamir co-designed “Lease Offers Mobile”, a user friendly application which will allow clients to access to finance quote, online decisions and reporting.

Smart F

A multi-bank web platform allowing Corporates to structure and execute vanilla loans swiftly and efficiently.

Project from the internal entrepreneurship program, Smart F is a platform that reduces the syndicating process from 8 weeks to 2, and improves clients' experience by an internal entrepreneurship program.

Smart chaiser

Data science applied to trade processing: smart chaser project intends to decrease the cost of processing trades by predicting trade breaks and automating their resolutions. This project won the 2016 Asset and Fund Services beta innovation contest.

Sponsorship with SmartChaser -internal entrepreneurship program- to decrease the cost of processing trades by predicting trade breaks and automating their resolutions.


TaxMart: a one stop-shop to tame the « Tax Jungle » by leveraging on BNP Paribas’ expertise

We launched the innovative "TaxMart" initiative to enable our global custody clients to find their way in a few clicks through the tax jungle covering more than 95 markets world-wide.

Project from the internal entrepreneurship program, TaxMart is a one stop-shop to tame the « Tax Jungle » by leveraging on BNP Paribas’ expertise.

NOD-A (France)

Since 2009, nod-A has been developing Markestorming, an approach that combines Design thinking, Lean Start up and Makers Culture, to reinvent the work culture in large organizations.We have designed and organized over 300 sprints for which we have developped our own facilitation and collaborative work tools. these tools come from our practice, they have been designed iteratively in contact with our customers and tested with them.

We work with Nod-A - we developed new digital insurance services. The "Makestorming" boosts your approach and brings a true dynamic of innovation.


MYXYTY (France)

MyxyPod is a personal assistant using IBM Watson’s natural language and cognitive skills. This smart speaker can answer queries, plan meetings, indicate the weather or what’s in its user's fridge. Play its music in different rooms and manage a home.This innovation snapped up the 2017 CES Award and IOT/M2M World Cup.

Myxyty presents MyxyPod, the personal assistant with Artificial Intelligence "made in France", in partnership with Echangeur by BNP Paribas Personal Finance.


Miwo offers the simplest way to connect businesses with consumers using smart bookmarking technology. French startup Dood develops and builds fast and affordable "Made in France" 3D printers.  Together, they created the world’s first integrated 3D object bookmarking and printing solution.

Miwo & Dood offer an exclusive 3D object bookmarking and printing solution, in partnership with Echangeur by BNP Paribas Personal Finance.

TETRAO (Luxembourg)

Tetrao develops Artificial Intelligence for the robotic cognitive automation of interactive business processes on internet browser DeepMind for Web.

Innovative platform to automatically aggregate and structure all existing startup's web data.


This new driving assistance service is designed to prevent risky driving behaviour. Based on biometric data and facial recognition on a smartphone camera, the mobile application is an innovative way to detect signs of fatigue and increase road safety. 

Created by BNP Paribas Cardif, the Cardif Lab is dedicated to spreading digital culture among employees and prototyping business-related projects to anticipate challenges, by imagining how the insurance industry will operate in the future. 


GOSHABA (France)

Goshaba secures and speeds up the applicant prequalification process, both in terms of skills and personality for a perfect match. Goshaba leverages cognitive science, gamification and smart data to offer its candidates a fun, engaging and respectful recruitment experience. 

Upcoming relationship with Goshaba to allow us to identify the appropriate internal / external profiles for the different positions, missions and / or determine training needs more quickly.


Calyos (Belgium)

Calyos has developed the world's most advanced loop heat pipe cooling solutions to offer unique and effective two-phase cooling for Electronics & Power Electronics.

Lunii (France)

Lunii is the fabulous Story teller for 3 to 8 years old! It is up to them to choose the hero, the place, the second character and the object. Lunii then tells one of the 48 stories they can make. A magical experience of listening mixing innovation and tradition.  

The innovation hub of BNP Paribas accompanies the growth of this French Start-up noticed by the press at the CES 2017.

Spacequant (USA)

Spacequant helps lenders analyze risk and value of small balance commercial real estate in minutes, rather than weeks.  

After winning the 2016 BNP Paribas Hackathon’s weekend, Spacequant entered an incubation phase provided by Bank of The West and local Wealth Management Group and participated to a 10-week Digital Bootcamp.


Taglette invented an invisible electronic ink. Using this ink, it then developed a fast and secure cloud-based authentication and mobile payment system called Tagpay. With Tagpay, customers can make mobile payments via their smart devices without needing NFC, bluetooth or a camera to read QR codes.

Taglette & TEB works together at Tagpay POC process. Taglette is also incubated by TEB Startup House and being introduced to potential customers by TEB.

OAT - Home of TAO (Luxembourg)

OAT is the publisher of TAO, the leading open-source assessment platform for Education and Career Advancement. Deployed around the world, OAT is leading the transformation from paper to digital teaching and from one-size-fits-all to personalised learning.

NU (France)

NU is an innovative, zero-waste, in-company catering service, complete with connected refrigerator. Enjoy delicious home-made meals and an ultra-ergonomic, cashless grocery-shopping experience, all with no disposable packaging! 

Laffy Maffei

Laffy Maffei Gallery has introduced a brand-new way to draw value from artworks, by ‘securitising’ (enabling clients to purchase shares in) creations, which can then be printed out in 2D or 3D. Collectors are remunerated through royalties deriving from the copyright on the sale of tailor-made editions of the artworks. 


Adways has developed an innovative and easy-to-use cloud-based platform for creating interactive videos. With Adways, mass-media videos become personalised, as each user can alter the storyline of a video through his/her choices and actions.