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From may 24, 2018 to may 26, 2018

The international tech event gives you a front row seat to the digital transformation

VivaTechnology 2018

BNP Paribas is a platinum partner of Viva Technology, the world's event for startups & leaders

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CIVIC TECH: startups or non-profits using digital as a tool for social and political progress via online referendums, participatory democracy projects, etc.
GROWTH-HACKER : a partner whose mission consists of stimulating the company’s rapid growth by every means—traditional marketing and unconventional or incongruous techniques.
HOLOPORTATION: technology using an augmented reality headset to enable virtual visits to other places and interactions with objects and avatars (or holograms) of other people.
TECH-AUGMENTED WORKERS : a new approach to labor that focuses on the employee experience and the potential of digital tools to improve worker performance and well-being.
CLEANTECH: companies that make ecology the central focus of their business, such as startups specializing in renewable energies or developing clean industrial processes.
POSITIVE IMPACT : a company or activity’s capacity to make a positive contribution to one of the three pillars of sustainable development—economy, environment, society.
OPEN INNOVATION: Capacity to accelerate the development of projects or new concepts by sharing data and/or ideas with identified or potential partner companies.