Life moments during the expedition, captured by Julien Boulanger

Monday October, 31

Light Painting.

The SOCLIM team and Yseult Berger.

Doru Virlan, upon wetting of particle collectors.
The « rosette ».

Monday October, 24

The gateway at night. - Credits: Julien Boulanger
Launching a BIO-ARGO float with 2 yellow arms that support radiometers to understand how light enters the water column. - Credits: Julien Boulanger

Wednesday October, 19

    The Table (Kerguelen). - Credits: Julien Boulanger

    The Marion Dufresne seems small in the impressive Table Bay.

    Sea elephants in Table Bay (Kerguelen). - Credits: Julien Boulanger

    Sunday October, 16

    Wednesday October, 12

    Monday October, 10

    The Marion Dufresne, heading towards the Kerguelen Islands, Indian Ocean.. - Credits: Julien Boulanger
    From left to right: Claire Lo Monaco (researcher), Mathieu Rembauville (researcher), Xavier Beyer (doctor), Rémi Laxenaire (researcher). - Credits: Julien Boulanger

    Rosette « CTD »
    Deep water sample

    Friday October, 7

    The scientists, parameterizing a data acquisition software. - Credits: Julien Boulanger

    Stéphane Blain, oceanographer and scientific coordinator of the Southern Ocean mission, animates the very first meeting of the mission.

    Fabien Perrault (CNRS), one of two co-responsible for the scientific instrumentation of the mission, assisted by two members of the crew of the Marion Dufresne, conducts tests on a mooring.

    Aboard the Marion Dufresne

    Credits: (c) Stéphane Blain (LOMIC, UPMC/CNRS)

    (c) Stéphane Blain (LOMIC, UPMC/CNRS) - (c) Hélène Leau, French Polar Institute