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From 8 to 19 October 2018, the Group will be making its employees more aware of Diversity and Inclusion with a series of events around the world. Conferences, shows, visits and round tables are on the programme for these two diversity weeks.

Raising employees’ awareness to launch dialogue

Tolerance and openness towards others contribute to a sense of belonging among the employees of our Group. Greater diversity and the integration of differences are essential ingredients to continue strengthening our values of “Openness” and “a Good place to work”.

The Diversity and Inclusion weeks each year give BNP Paribas employees the chance to get together around the ideas of promoting and respecting diversity in the company, which is a recognised performance and growth lever.

Two weeks to celebrate Diversity and Inclusion at BNP Paribas!

Events organised worldwide

Many countries are mobilising each year on numerous themes: cultural diversity, gender equality, sexual orientation, physical appearance, religious diversity, disability, etc. These are some of the topics that will be broached during unique events to upend preconceived ideas, open up dialogue and fight against prejudice.

In France from 8 to 19 October 2018, employees will have the opportunity to attend many events: conferences, debates, workshops, testimonials but also visits and shows. This year, the Diversity Weeks will focus on the intergenerational theme, for the first anniversary of the WeGenerations employee network: a round table on the issue of professional equality facing the arrival of new generations in the world of work, mentoring and reverse mentoring...

The programme of these weeks will also include subjects as: the influence of non-verbal on interpersonal relationships, how sport can promote inclusion in business, or BNP Paribas' commitment in the HeForShe movement which will be broadcasted  live... More than 20 events to be at the very heart of the company's commitments!

In Belgium from 15 to 19 October, the Diversity Week will explore the theme of collective intelligence and discuss ways to overcome our fears.

In Italy, BNL is organising a week dedicated to Diversity with 5 events in 5 places. In Rome, Florence, Naples, Milan and Catania, from October 15 to 18, BNL employees will have the opportunity to participate in several events: an experience in the dark to discover disability, a conference on language and stereotypes, or a workshop dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion...

In the Netherlands, CIB organizes Diversity and Inclusion weeks from 8 to 19 October for the second consecutive year.

In Portugal, the Diversity Week takes place from 8 to 12 October. This 3rd edition, a full dedicated week to celebrate our differences and foster an inclusive work place, is hosting several events organized in Lisbon and Porto: debates, workshops on themes such as gender stereotypes and equality.

In the UK, employees will also be able to attend a series of events from 8 to 12 October. This year, the theme of ‘supporting mental wellness, optimising performance’ will run throughout D&I Week. 

In the United States, from 9 to 11 October, several events are organized around the theme of cultural diversity, in New York and New Jersey. Masterclass, keynotes, chats and networking will allow employees to participate in this multicultural week and to celebrate diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

“ A motivating work environment requires respect for differences. These Diversity weeks reaffirms BNP Paribas' commitment to diversity and inclusion topics and contributes to creating a positive dynamic within our company. These two weeks of events must remember us that diversity is part of our daily lives. A large number of our conferences are broadcasted live, which allows us to reach more employees, in France and around the world... ”

Caroline Courtin

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, BNP Paribas Group