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Diversity and Inclusion Week runs from 14 to 18 October 2019: a great opportunity to progress together in promoting and respecting diversity in the company. This year, we have a varied programme to encourage as many of you as possible to join in.

Raising employees’ awareness and starting a dialogue 

Tolerance and openness towards others contribute to a sense of belonging among the employees of our Group. Greater diversity and the integration of differences are essential ingredients to continue strengthening our values of “Openness” and a “Good Place to Work”.


A global week

Many of the Group’s countries are getting mobilised on various topics: cultural diversity, gender equality, sexual orientation and/or gender identity, intergenerational relations, religious diversity, disability, etc. Topics that will be broached to fight against stereotypes, overturn preconceived ideas and start a dialogue.

In Belgium: Diversity Week will include a number of talks for instance on non-violent communication and a debate on: "Are 50-somethings still suited to the labour market?" .

In France: employees will have access to a number of highlights (talks, debates, podcasts and testimonies as well as documentaries and shows). On the programme: How to shift the boundaries regarding the teaching, training, visibility and attractiveness of scientific, technological and digital careers for woman. As well as “How to break down intergenerational stereotypes, or how differences in age and experience levels can lead to results”.

In Portugal: five full days to celebrate differences and promote an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued. The programme includes interactive sessions, debates and workshops on the challenges and benefits of a multicultural workplace, how to welcome colleagues with disabilities, and how to make our office a safe, respectful place for all.

In UK: talks on the vital link between inclusion and innovation. Inclusion has a significant impact on employees’ day-to-day experience, optimises decision-making, contributes to risk management and leads to stronger innovation. 

In USA: a video series and campaign on inclusive leadership will be broadcast on social networks for the occasion. People will also be made more aware of multiculturalism and stereotypes.

"In my shoes" Podcasts

Stereotypes are on everybodies' mind, and they're difficult to avoid. In the work environment, recognizing and valuing each employees's differences contributes to the organization's performance. To help us understand what are stereotypes, our guest today is Pete Stone, Diversity Consultant.

“ Non-discrimination, equal opportunities and the shared quality of life in our Group greatly contribute to our joint performance. The Comex and I have made important commitments in this respect, and fighting discrimination is a priority for us. By working on it daily and together, we can keep moving in the right direction. ”

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé

Director and CEO of BNP Paribas