Banks and customers: an increasingly digital relationship

Internet, smartphones and social media are all tools that shape new consumer behaviors. Increasing numbers of consumers are shopping for groceries, buying the latest merchandise and completing procedures from their laptops, mobile phones and tablets. This fundamental trend has led banks to imagine new ways of interacting with their customers, while simplifying daily banking services.

Our customers now want to complete their everyday banking transactions and manage their personal finances remotely (consultations, wire transfers, stock orders, etc.). As for social media, these networks are reinventing customer service by providing a platform for communicating with advisors in real time to resolve problems or take advantage of a product or service immediately.

“ Our main challenge consists in offering our customers a digital banking experience, while ensuring the security of their transactions and data. ”

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé

Director and Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas

At BNP Paribas, we continually strive to make banking easier, more practical and better adapted to the needs of all our customers.

In France, our new website, dedicated to Retail and Professional customers, offers an easy-to-read overview of our services based on customer needs. It also offers a link to our support services on Facebook and Twitter as well as a feature allowing customers to chat live with an advisor.

In Turkey, our subsidiary TEB launched CEPTETEB in July 2015. This new digital bank offers peer-to-peer money transfers and the possibility to withdrawal cash at ATMs without a card.

From Paris to Istanbul, we are reinventing the local branch.

Concept-Store Opéra

In 2010, we launched a new kind of point of sale at the Place de l’Opéra in Paris: the concept store. A central hub for customer relations, the location allows us to test out new ways of interacting with our customers (touchscreen tablets, videoconferences with advisors and more), before adapting these systems across all of our branches. To date we have opened new concept stores in Istanbul, Brussels and Rome and installed digital screens in more than 2,000 branches worldwide.

In the United Kingdom, our rental car subsidiary Arval developed a new system for its professional customers called Active Link, an innovative system for remote fleet management. The new service offers energy consumption monitoring, accident and breakdown alerts, route planning and more.

The revolution in payment methods and the boom in mobile banking solutions

Everywhere around the world, BNP Paribas innovates and forms partnerships with leading players to simplify daily life for its retail and professional customers.

In Europe

After introducing contactless cards that allow customers to pay without needing a secure code, we launched Kix in France, a new form of contactless mobile payment offering total security. Loaded onto a smartphone SIM card, the application enables customers to pay with their mobile phones using adapted payment terminals at retailers.

In Italy, the equivalent of this solution is YouPass, which we developed in partnership with Vodafone and MasterCard.

For professionals not equipped with the payment terminal, we offer Mobo, a mobile checkout solution available in France, Italy and Belgium. It makes it possible for customers to connect their mobile phones to a small card reader and allows retailers to accept credit and debit card payments and even send personalized receipts to customers by email.

Need to pay for an online purchase or send money to a friend? Sixdots is a digital wallet app developed by BNP Paribas Fortis in Belgium, in partnership with Belgacom. It enables customers to pay by scanning a QR code and entering their 6-digit PIN. It’s fast, easy and secure.

 In France, we took part in launching Paylib, a fully secure online payment service accessible by smartphone, tablet and computer. Its unique feature? After configuring Paylib, you no longer need to enter your payment information when shopping with e-retailers. Your email is all you need!


Contactless mobile payment

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Mobile payment

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Secure online payment service

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Pay by scanning a QR code

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Contactless mobile payment

Discover YouPass

Hello bank: The first 100% mobile bank in Europe

Launched in 2013 by BNP Paribas in Germany, Belgium, France and Italy, Hello bank! meets the needs of customers who are always online and in need of fast and easy services. What does it offer? A full line of à la carte banking services and a Hello Team available over extended hours by social media and six days a week by phone.

In Africa

Our innovations make it possible for us to support our customers in developing countries with high rates of mobile phone penetration.

Credits: Photostock BNP Paribas

In the United States

Our subsidiary Bank of The West won the 2014 Monarch Innovation Award for its application Quick Balance, which enables customers to view their account balances without logging in and to receive messages offering targeted products.

Innovating for entrepreneurs and startups

The best example of this ambition is our WAI program, whose purpose is to connect startups with midsize businesses in France and to promote their growth. 

Since 2016, the Group launched two unique initiatives to support FinTechs in France:

FinTech Boost by L’Atelier BNP Paribas

A program designed to link up FinTech startups and BNP Paribas businesses to design new products and services.

FinTech Boost

The French Retail Banking FinTech Innovation Hub

Specialist Relationship Managers offer advising and tailored banking solutions to these budding financial companies.

We also provide advising to innovative companies through our 15 Innovation Hubs spread all across France. From Paris to Lille, as well as Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Lyon and Strasbourg, our specialist teams welcome and support startups at every point in their development cycle, from locating funding to developing their activity. 

These locations build on the efforts of our Maisons des Entrepreneurs (“Entrepreneur Houses”), which unite the efforts of all of our sales teams to serve entrepreneurs and SME managers. To date, we have opened 60 Maisons des Entrepreneurs across France.

But our commitment to innovation does not stop at the French border.

In Belgium, our corporate startup Home for Innovation serves as an internal incubator for innovative projects. It gives employees access to a collaborative space spanning 3,000 m2,known as Co.Station, where they can meet with entrepreneurs specialized in new technologies, in addition to more mature companies. The goal is to help innovative projects germinate internally, in order to develop the bank of tomorrow.

In Istanbul, our subsidiary TEB inaugurated a startup house and an incubation center to support innovative entrepreneurs across Turkey.

“Centric” is a dashboard that provides access to a multi-product application designed for business customers. multiproduit, destinée aux clients entreprises.

Offering a wide range of tools developed to manage risk and optimize cash flows, CENTRIC helps corporate treasurers manage all of their daily business transactions using a single, easy-to-use online solution. Centric enables our bank to form close relationships with customers located everywhere around the world.

For BNP Paribas, innovation means anticipating changes and transforming them into opportunities for our customers.