Innovation to enhance the customer experience

Our aim is clear: optimise the experience of all our customers in order to meet their needs and aspirations while ensuring a high level of security. To this end, we continue to invest heavily in digital technologies and work closely with start-ups and FinTechs. By doing so, we will also be able to offer high value-added services in as part of our “beyond banking” approach.

UX Design - reinventing the user experience

In an increasingly competitive banking environment, reinventing the customer experience is a major challenge for all players in the sector. In just a few years, UX Design has become a must in the creation of digital interfaces.

All products and services imagined and developed by BNP Paribas are user-centred and are based on design thinking methods upstream of their conception and on “User Experience” (UX) to offer an optimal user experience. 

Solutions tailored to each type of customer 

Our customers are students, entrepreneurs or investors, individuals or companies... and their needs are as varied as their profiles! Our priority is therefore to offer them seamless, optimised and personalised journeys, that meet their specific expectations.

 To better meet the needs of our individual customers, we’ve launched a new Customer Service, which directs the customer to the right expertise at the right time, using artificial intelligence tools. Another initiative to optimise the customer experience is an ‘advocacy’ programme, which enables us to listen to what customers and employees are saying throughout the relationship. Customer feedback is collected on an ongoing basis and integrated into a continuous improvement loop for our services. 

  • The expectations of our corporate customers are also addressed, thanks in particular to the “One Bank for Corporates in Europe and Beyond” approach: a comprehensive and efficient banking continuity solution that meets their daily needs. BNP Paribas is thus able to support its customers in all their operations, whether local or international..

Campagne Pub Petits pros 2021

Tools dedicated to entrepreneurs

In France, we offer to our entrepreneurial customers a tool called “Mon Business Assistant”, to help them manage daily business tasks: pre-accounting with integration of receipts, cash flow forecasting, business results, invoicing and reminder tool, issue of quotes, etc. “Mon Business Assistant” offers professionals an innovative financial service, directly integrated into their banking space (mabanquepro). In Belgium, BNP Paribas Fortis offers entrepreneurs one year of free banking services and preferential factoring solutions.

Integrated distribution plateform

We’re also optimising and enriching the experience for investors, through our integrated distribution platform Fund@ccess, which is based on a shared operational and technology engine with Allfunds and provides access to a wide variety of investment funds.

Our customers are all different. And because this diversity is a strength, we must seek to optimise their experience, listen to their aspirations and constantly innovate, to offer them the best possible service!.

Digitisation of customer journey

It’s difficult to talk about improving the customer journey without talking digital. The development of new digital functionalities is a powerful lever to offer everyone a seamless and customised experience.

Since 2017, we’ve been stepping up our digital transformation, in order to meet the growing demand for self-care coming from our customers. Emblematic of this rampant digitisation, Hello bank! was rated second online bank in France by D-Rating (an independent organisation rating the digital performance of banks) and attracted 130,000 new customers in 2020, to reach a total of 600,000 French customers.  

Digitisation is also taking place at all levels at BNP Paribas Personal Finance, which offers its individual clients digitised processes at every stage of the relationship (in 2020, 71% of signatures were done electronically, compared with 10% in 2016), and BNP Paribas Wealth Management, which has seen a significant increase in the use of its myWealth digital services platform..

Innovation & Customer experience

The world of savings hasn’t been left out either, with myMand@te, a solution developed by BNP Paribas Asset Management and the FinTech Gambit Financial Solutions, in collaboration with BNP Paribas Wealth Management. The principle: a discretionary management service that combines autonomy and customisation of investment preferences, risk profile and objective. BNP Paribas Bank Polska is also innovating with the GO Invest application, which provides better support for wealth management clients thanks to a 360° view of the client’s profile.

Autonomy, simplicity, speed... digital, combined with the human touch, is the secret of a successful customer experience. This is why we’re making great strides in our transformation and continue to explore new online, mobile and tablet features to suit our customers’ use.

Contact Less Payment

Means of payment: new uses, new ambitions

New, dematerialised and instantaneous payment methods have been revolutionising the purchasing process for several years now and are developing successfully. BNP Paribas was the first bank in France to offer the biometric card to its customers in June 2021. After registering your fingerprint at a branch, this card allows contactless and secure payments above the usual €50 limit.

Our customers can also pay via their mobiles or online - thanks to Paylib in France, Bancomat Pay in Italy and Payconiq in Belgium - with a virtual card available in the Hello Bank! application

We’re also offering new solutions to our merchant customers, who have the possibility to be paid even via the We Chat Pay and Alipay platforms, or to collect payments remotely in total security while having access to real-time reporting of the transactions made. In-app, QR code, wallets, instant payment, cash back... payment is currently undergoing profound changes.

By developing these innovations, we’re fostering new shopping experiences while improving customer relations.

New products that go beyond banking

What if the future of banking were to be played out... beyond the bank? A new model - or models rather - is taking shape today. Being “customer centric” means above all adopting an innovation approach that is resolutely open to non-banking ecosystems. So, together with our partners, we’re enabling our customers to use our redesigned financial services throughout their journey, and beyond. . 

For example, we support our customers when they move house thanks to the services of the French start-up Papernest, which manages the administrative procedures involved in cancelling or subscribing contracts (energy, internet, mobile, etc.) free of charge. This service is also offered to all our customers to enable them to save money on their bills, without having to deal with the administrative procedures.

Innovation BNP Paribas Smart Mobility

We also help our customers to move around better. At the Movin’On international sustainable mobility summit in June 2021, we shared our views on three main themes of future mobility: the role of hydrogen in the ecological transition, energy efficiency and corporate mobility. On the field, our subsidiary BNP Paribas Arval is already revolutionising mobility in cities, and is experimenting with a 100% electric autonomous shuttle project in Rueil-Malmaison, for example.  

Because our customers increasingly need to take action against global warming, we’ve developed “My Carbon Footprint” in France, a feature that enables our customers to establish a general estimate of the carbon footprint of their transport (petrol), their housing (electricity and water), or even various daily services (Internet and telephone subscriptions) ... And thus, to reduce it as much as possible.

It is good to offer our customers a high-performance banking service. But understanding their concerns about anything that has a financial impact on their lives - whether it’s banking or not - is even better!

Crédits photos : @metamorworks