Designing the bank of the future

For BNP Paribas, being the bank for a changing world means putting innovation at the heart of our strategic challenges in order to understand our customers' expectations as clearly as possible and to offer them the best of both the physical and the digital worlds.

Anticipating new needs and habits

Innovation means anticipating changes and new habits, in order to transform them into opportunities and adapt to the new needs of our customers. How? By creating differentiated and personalised customer journeys with innovative services, digital applications, new payment methods, etc., while ensuring the security of our customers' transactions and data.

Supporting a dynamic of innovation

It means supporting a dynamic of innovation by stimulating creativity and digital transformation that permeates all our business lines. Innovation also means serving our customers more broadly whenever we can do so, beyond banking and in all matters that have a financial impact on their lives.

Innovation is ultimately about being attentive to changes in society, adapting, transforming, and offering new experiences and useful solutions to our customers; it is technological, experiential, adapted to the daily lives and aspirations of our customers. Open innovation, to be fully anchored in society.

Developing our open innovation notre ecosystem

  • Because innovation is the result of a vast collaboration between a multitude of players, we encourage the dynamics of this ecosystem by bringing together companies, institutions, start-ups, entrepreneurs, networks and associations..
  • In our 5 start-up houses in Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Luxembourg and France, our teams co-create every day new solutions, with FinTech developers, digital operators and start-ups.

Technology in the service of customer experience

  • Our goal is to offer our customers fluid and personalised journeys that meet their needs and correspond to their habits, while ensuring a high level of security.
  • We're working to offer secure, efficient and innovative financial services to individuals, businesses, institutions and professionals, while striving to respond to today's key concerns in terms of sustainability, territorial development and social inclusion.
  • Innovative payment methods and services, digital applications, secure transactions and customer data. We strive to build an optimised banking relationship with our customers.
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Encouraging impactful innovation

For several years, BNP Paribas has been particularly attentive to ensuring that its business has a positive impact on the world around us, both in our operations and through the products and solutions that all Group's business lines offer its customers. The Group acts by specifically encouraging the creation of businesses by people from different backgrounds and by supporting social and entrepreneurial innovation.

Act for Impact

Innovation, a priority in the BNP Paribas 2022-2025 strategic plan

"2021 is a year of transition to the next BNP Paribas strategic plan and we remain fully committed to serving our customers. Among our strategic priorities for 2022-2025 is our determination to maximise synergies between all our business lines, to accelerate the roll-out of our digital offerings. The effectiveness of our digital transformation is a significant asset in the highly competitive environment in which we operate". Jean-Laurent Bonnafé,  Director and Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas.