The General Management of BNP Paribas is composed of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) plus two Chief Operating Officers (COO) and two Deputy Chief Operating Officers.

As Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Laurent Bonnafé bears responsibility for the management of the Group and, for this purpose, is invested with extensive powers. Accordingly, all operational activities and Group functions fall under his direct responsibility.

The Executive Committee brings together the General Management as well as 14 other members - Heads of businesses and central functions. They meet at least once a week.

Marie-Claire Capobianco

Director of Growth Development and Corporate Coverage

Marie-Claire Capobianco has been a member of the BNP Paribas Executive Committee since January 2012, and Director of Growth Development and Corporate Coverage since January 2019.

Marie-Claire Capobianco began her career in the Corporate Clients department at BNP in Marseille in 1977. She then spent four years at the bank’s ‘Inspection Générale’ (Group Internal Audit) as an Auditor, then Chief Auditor, before moving to take charge of the Individual and Self-Employed Professional Clients department in Nantes. She subsequently became Head of the Var branch group, and then the Essonne branch group.

In November 2002, she was appointed Head of Private Banking for the whole of France. In 2007, following the BNP Paribas Group’s acquisition of BNL, Ms Capobianco took on a governance role for the Private Banking business in Italy.

In November 2008, when the BNP Paribas Retail Banking division was being set up, she was given the task of managing the development of Private Banking in all the countries where the Group has a domestic branch network.

In 2012, Marie-Claire Capobianco was appointed Head of BNP Paribas French Retail Banking, becoming a member of the BNP Paribas Group Executive Committee.

She became Director of Growth Development and Corporate Coverage on 1 January 2019 with the mission to strengthen the bank’s capacity to accelerate the growth of companies in France.

Marie-Claire Capobianco also supports a number of projects that promote entrepreneurship and innovation. She is for instance co-author of Entrepreneuriat féminin, mode d’emploi (A guide to female entrepreneurship). 

- Chairperson of the French Institute for Customer Relations (INRC)

- Co-chair of the MEDEF’s Economy, Competitiveness and Finance commission and Chair of its committee Financing

- Member of the High Commission of Corporate Governance

- Member of the ADIE Board of Directors

- Board member of Paris Ile-de-France Capitale économique

- Knight of the National Order of Merit