Serving as a bank committed to improving society

BNP Paribas takes action through its different commitments to improve every aspectof society including combatting social exclusion and human rights violations,promoting equal opportunity through financial education and microfinance andencouraging artistic creation and solidarity actions led by employees.

Our work is conducted in line with our three commitments

7. Products and services that are widely accessible
8. Combat social exclusion and support human rights
9. Corporate philanthropy policy focused on the arts, solidarity and the environment

We coordinate these commitments by monitoring  two key performance indicators.

Two major initiatives in particular guide our civic responsibility:

Businesses for Human Rights

We are a member of the association Entreprises Pour les Droits de l’Homme (Businesses for Human Rights), which offers a forum for sharing and developing efforts to improve the integration of Human Rights into business policies and practices. 

> Go to the Entreprises Pour les Droits de l’Homme website

BNP Paribas Declaration on Human Rights

In 2012 we drafted our own Declaration in order to emphasize our commitment and ensure respect for Human Rights within our sphere of influence.

> Read the Declaration on Human Rights 

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement