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Supporting and growing. We spot the talents, the innovative projects, and the personalities that are helping to change the world. And we strive to make them grow and prosper! Supporting them over the long term, making them known and showcasing them, making their projects sustainable, whether they are cultural, social or environmental... This is our ambition!

3 fields of action

BNP Paribas Foundation - Culture - Dodecadanse - Kaori Ito
Culture: daring and supporting 

Culture is an excellent vehicle for individual and social development. The BNP Paribas Foundation invests outside of the box: contemporary dance, new circus arts and jazz.

Refugeeks - Simplon / BNP Paribas Foundation
Solidarity: integrating and growing 

The BNP Paribas Foundation fights the various forms of exclusion, notably in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, and supports programmes promoting social inclusion and education. It also supports the commitments of the Group’s employees.

Environment: supporting scientific research on climate change & biodiversity

The BNP Paribas Foundation invests in French and international research teams seeking to understand climate change and its impact on people and their environment.


Taking action through philanthropic efforts around the world

With a budget of €47.03 million, our philanthropic initiatives are deployed in our countries of operation worldwide. These actions demonstrate our involvement in the local communities, nurture our relationships with stakeholders and are a source of pride for our employees. 

The Group counts 11 other foundations and endowment funds in addition to the BNP Paribas Foundation. Their aggregated budgets represent €7.23M.

Total Budget for BNP Paribas’ Corporate Philanthropy in 2020

The BNP Paribas Group is committed as a corporate patron in three priority areas - culture, solidarity and the environment. Solidarity initiatives make up the majority of the budget representing 35.21 million euros.

Split by areas of action







BNP Paribas supports the following projects around the world:

  • jazz and dance artists and cultural institutions;
  • research programmes on climate change and biodiversity;
  • social, humanitarian and environmental associations and NGOs;
  • educational, social and professional integration programmes for underprivileged populations;
  • BNP Paribas employees volunteering in associations.
Annual report Corporate Philanthropy

Committing to the common good

Find out how BNP Paribas' Corporate philanthropy is commited to the common good around the world through our 2020 Activity Report.


Photos Culture ©Dodécadanse – Le Triton // Solidarity ©DR Simplon // Environment ©Thiault

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