Working at our international locations

68 countries and over 300 businesses offer so many opportunities and challenges to tackle in collaboration with our 193,319 employees working on all five continents. Let’s take a look at the BNP Paribas planet, the European Union's leading bank in terms of net banking income and a major international banking player.

Europe: innovating to build a lasting future

Europe is the birthplace of the Group, the continent were we are leaders in several of our activities, including consumer credit, with more than 25 million active clients. We are also challengers looking for new ways to innovate while ensuring sustainable growth in our historic markets.

In Europe, we maintain key positions in our three operational divisions.

  1. Retail Banking, brings together all our retail banks in our domestic markets (France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg) as well as outside the eurozone: in United States, China, Europe, Turkey and Africa. With a network of more than 5,000 branches, we provide our clients with the support they need for their projects: nearly 60 million individual, small business, entrepreneur and corporate clients.
  2.  Investment & Protection Services (IPS) offers a wide range of savings, investment and protection solutions to our clients around the world. Leaders in creditor insurance, real estate services as well as in wealth and asset management, BNP Paribas Cardif, Wealth Management, Asset Management and Real Estate design innovative and sustainable financial products for individual, professional, corporate and institutional clients, to support them in all their projects and in achieving their positive impact goals. By integrating environmental, social and governance criteria into all its operational processes, IPS is helping to Group to become one the world leaders in sustainable finance.

  3. Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) has a strong presence in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), the Americas and APAC (Asia-Pacific) and provides tailored financial solutions to all its corporate and institutional clients, particularly through its issuance, financing, risk management and hedging activities. By matching the financing needs of companies with the investment opportunities sought by institutional investors, its financial services create value while making a significant contribution to financing the economy.

Join nearly 150,000 employees working in 26 European countries

In 2021, and for the eighth consecutive year, we received formal recognition for the excellent working conditions provided to our employees. A result made possible thanks to the certification obtained in 7 countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine. The Group was awarded the ‘Top Employers Europe 2021’ label, specifically in the areas of diversity and inclusion, commitment and professional development.

Guide to our V.I.E programme

V.I.E is our International Corporate Volunteer programme. Learn about the 12-month and 24-month assignments we offer at our subsidiaries abroad. At BNP Paribas, our V.I.E programme is built on a spirit of Volunteerism, Internationalism and Entrepreneurship. Not bad, right? 

Three good reasons to work abroad

Departing for a V.I.E position with BNP Paribas means:

  1. Securing your first job with real responsibilities in an international and stimulating environment.
  2. Joining a team likely to be 100% local and multicultural, providing a chance to showcase your skills, ability to adapt and to work in a team. 
  3. It’s also your opportunity to broaden your horizons by working in a new city, experiencing a new culture and meeting new people. 

Where? In one of the 68 countries where we have locations.  

Doing what? Any and all of our businesses.

A personal and professional challenge of the first order

Reflect on your motivation, check that your skills match the job requirements and make sure you have mastered the working language (or languages). Experience a whole new world!

Interested in a V.I.E position? (open to EU residents only)

Recent graduate?

Head to to discover all of our opportunities in corporate and investment banking. Our 24-month CIB Graduate Programme allows you to acquire all the skills you need to kick-start your career at the Group, while taking on major responsibilities in an international environment.

Our Graduate Programmes

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Asia Pacific: fast track

Asia Pacific is one of the world’s most rapidly changing regions. A fact the Group realized long ago – we have maintained a presence in the region since 1860!

Join nearly 19,000 employees working in 14 markets

In Asia Pacific, we operate from two main centers: in Hong Kong and Singapore. Our Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) and Investment & Protection Services (IPS) activities are especially active in the region.

Recent graduate?

Want to kick-start your career in one of our 14 markets in Asia Pacific? Our APAC Graduate Programme makes that possible! Over a period of 24 months, you can develop a broad range of skills in a dynamic and international environment. 

Our Graduate Programme APAC

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United States and Canada

With more than 4 million individual, professional and corporate clients, we maintain a strong position across North America. You too can embark on a conquest of the West!

We primarily operate in the United States and Canada through our two core businesses: Corporate & Institutional Banking and Retail Banking. This situation is nothing new, we have been present since 1919 in the United States and for over 60 years in Canada. Two markets where digital innovation plays a major role!

Join nearly 14,000 employees working in the United States and Canada

Our 622 Bank of the West branches serve 1.8 million individual and corporate clients in 22 U.S. states. We also have a major presence in New York through our Corporate & Institutional Banking activities. In Canada, through BNP Paribas Corporate & Institutional Banking and Investment Partners, we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of financial services and investment products.

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South America: aiming for growth

With €1 billion in revenue, BNP Paribas is one of the banking sector’s most prominent players in South America, a fast growing region. And so many opportunities still abound!

We are present in South America through our two activities: Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) and Investment & Protection Services (IPS).

Our goal is to forge strategic partnerships and continue our expansion, particularly in the insurance sector, while further improving our operational effectiveness.

Join 3,923 employees in 9 countries

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Middle East and Africa: a hotbed for banking innovation

In this region more than anywhere else, we are investing in a winning trio: local roots, agility and innovation. Learn all about a continent on the rise. 

In the Middle East, we are contributing to the wave of economic diversification that is now driving the region’s dynamic growth.

And in Africa, we are expanding our investment banking activities and developing new avenues for growth. Our advantage lies in our strong local roots, as we often operate under a recognized market brand, as is the case in Morocco with BMCI and in Senegal with BICIS.

We also promote innovation in certain countries with a high rate of mobile phone penetration.

Join 10,555 employees working in 16 countries

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