Our recruiting vision

The world is changing, and so is how we attract top talent! Above all, recruiting new employees means welcoming new people and providing the support they need to further their careers.

From searching for job offers to shining during job interviews, each step in the hiring process can seem like a daunting challenge. At BNP Paribas, we make recruiting an enjoyable experience. A moment of discussion and true exchange in which our applicants are never judged, but evaluated based on their skills. 

A top employer (but don’t take our word for it)

In 2022, BNP Paribas received the Top Employer Europe certification for the seventh year in a row. Awarded by the Top Employers Institute, the label recognizes the quality of our Human Resources policies at BNP Paribas. The award confirms the excellence of our working conditions and the opportunities we provide our employees to grow, both personally and professionally, within a stimulating work environment in which everyone receives fair treatment and respect.

Equal chances and opportunities for all

During the recruitment process (and at every step in their careers), all of our employees benefit from an equal playing field. They have access to the same level of information concerning job openings, while we always evaluate their skills and qualifications in total objectivity.

Our human resources approach is rooted in a strong principle: diversity. In other words, we welcome people from every background so that our company represents the diversity of our society. Since 2009, BNP Paribas has held the Diversity label, becoming the first French bank to receive this label awarded by the certification body AFNOR.

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Disabilities: personalized career paths

Our Disability Unit coordinates efforts aiming to simplify the process for hiring, retaining and integrating disabled employees. It also leads campaigns to raise employee awareness about disabilities.

Recruiting in a way that respects local circumstances

Of course, we conduct our recruiting and career management processes in a way that respects local circumstances including specific labor market conditions that we cannot ignore, special regulatory requirements in place within each country, etc.

All of our sites and locations are also managed in a way that respects our own values – outlined by general management and our employees in the BNP Paribas Way – and promotes diversity and equal opportunity!