Our professions are changing

Being the bank for a changing world means innovating to overcome new challenges. From digital and IT, to compliance, customer relations and financial expertise, we are reinventing our professions to continue to meet all of our clients’ needs.

Sales and customer relations

Working in sales means serving as a banking translator, helping your clients understand all the technical aspects relating to a financial product or specific market that falls under your expertise.  You know all about shares, and maybe a little something about “options”, “derivatives” and other “swaps”, too. Sales representatives deliver the right commercial messages to each client, while recommending products and operations adapted to the client’s financing needs and business sector. They execute profitable transactions with an expert eye, while evaluating risks and carrying out all necessary operations.

Our business - Careers - Digital

If you’re asking yourself if customer relations still matter in the banking world, our answer is: of course! Digital has enabled clients to demand even more. They want tailored services and increasingly personalized price scales. As a bank, we need to have the capacity to deliver the kind of customer relationship our clients prefer, whether it’s 100% digital, a mixed solution with representatives available online or an option to access all of our services inside our branch network. As physical interactions become less common, these encounters need to offer even more value to our clients.

The key to our success: developing high-quality and streamlined pathways for our clients. In short, by enabling an effective and secure use of client data, digital will allow us to enhance our service quality and earn the loyalty of our clients. That is true for all of our professions. 

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Compliance roles 

Working in compliance at BNP Paribas is above all about protecting the Group from the risks of fraud and corruption, safeguarding the integrity of our operations and preserving the interests of our clients.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, bank compliance has faced new challenges. Regulatory requirements are tightening, and regulators are multiplying. However, laws and procedures are not the only issues at hand. To succeed in its mission today, Compliance must build a partnership with the business lines. It needs to work with them on a day-to-day basis to support their projects, while also promoting a culture of compliance at all levels of the company. Compliance must work to facilitate decision-making and business development all while ensuring the respect of increasingly stringent standards. 

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Digital professions

Today, digital is everywhere and the field is changing every day. Our customers, whether as individuals or businesses, are increasingly turning to online banking (via PC, mobile or tablet) to complete their daily transactions, manage their budgets and take advantage of banking products. They use contactless payment methods and prefer virtual procedures and processes. With social media, they can now live chat with our representatives to troubleshoot and resolve issues.  

With this fact in mind, BNP Paribas has developed over the years into a leading digital bank, investing more than €1 billion into digital every year. Of course, we maintain our excellent service quality on every channel by offering mixed solutions, combining our digital and remote services with access to our representatives at our branches, depending on each client’s needs.

To stay ahead of the curve in our businesses, not only do we need new technologies, but we also have to recruit passionate and talented employees. We need people who can identify major trends and passing fads, facilitate the adoption of innovative digital practices or help our employees learn how to use new tools.  

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Financial expertise professions

Financial expertise is what defines us as a bank, both in terms of our ability to meet our clients’ needs and to optimize our internal operations.

From portfolio management and trading, to investment strategies, structured financing and merger & acquisition advising, we deliver our cutting-edge expertise to all of our clients, including businesses and institutional investors. We offer complex and innovative financing strategies to help our clients achieve their plans: external growth, acquisitions, international expansion, IPOs, etc.

Our diverse and complementary expertise has enabled us to become a market leader in corporate financing worldwide, with an especially strong position in Europe.

We also work continuously to make sure the Group continues to operate in an optimal way internationally, both within each subsidiary and in every country in which we are present. Our monitoring, internal audit and management control professions guarantee the quality of all our risk management processes and the application of all regulations in force. These departments also optimize our financial and business management processes.

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IT professions

With all the talk about “digital” today, you might think the term “IT” has gone obsolete. But rest assured, it’s still going strong! IT is now the foundation of everything we do. It is the cornerstone of all of our activities, both in terms of operations and development.

At BNP Paribas, IT serves all of our businesses and employees. It supports their commercial projects by developing quality IT solutions adapted to the needs of end clients. It also develops internal tools and applications to improve collaboration, flexibility and security on a daily basis. Agile methods, cloud computing, big data, data centers: our teams work in an IT environment that is expansive and constantly changing.

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Audit positions at General Inspection 

General Inspection, also known simply as “GI”, is the Group’s third and final level of internal control. It currently employs over 1,400 people. By carrying out 1,000 assignments a year in 68 countries, the auditors and Inspecteurs cover all the Bank’s geographical areas and business lines. Auditing at BNP Paribas provides quality assurance on the soundness of the Bank’s governance, risk management and control systems. Thus, the recommendations resulting from GI assignments help to enhance the effectiveness of such systems and to achieve the Group’s objectives. 

By joining the General Inspection, you benefit from a unique experience that gives you a comprehensive and practical view of the Bank and its organisation; the diversity of its business lines provides a motivating career path that favours personal development and skills enhancement. 

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