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Project Manager Organisation-Asia

Responsible for defining appropriate processes, structures and systems for Wealth Management and to contribute to their implementation:
• By assisting head of organization to implement adequate support for new business/products/projects ;
• By recommending work flows following organization changes ;
• By implementing tools in order to get improvements in efficiency, security and client satisfaction ;
• By ensuring training in respect to processes/organizational changes ;
• By acting as a coordinator for regional or transversal issues.

Responsible for consistency of operational processes in Asia:
• By implementing tools to follow volumes, productivity, costs and service quality ;
• By coordinating operations units to minimize operational risk ;
• By producing standards for documentation (including but not limited to procedures, KSP, SLAs etc)
• By assisting for implementing same processes among Asian centers

Responsible for Wealth Management Project Management in Asia
• By ensuring all new projects follow the standard project management guidelines as defined under PR&O
• By coordinating with involved parties to ensure Project Definition Reports are accepted before projects move into implementation.
• By producing regular project management status reports to the business sponsor, the project office and all the involved parties
• By critically assessing Project Definition reports produced by Organisation and by other project managers to see whether the timetable and assumptions are valid.
• By assessing the macro picture of the portfolio of projects currently in process in order to constantly review the impact of these projects on future projects that are being proposed.
• To guide non Organisation Staff managing projects on best practice.

Contribute to the day to day efficiency of the Wealth Management departments:
• By giving solutions to day to day problems as far as systems and procedures are concerned ;
• By ensuring current procedures and operational control documents are in place ;
• By suggesting systems enhancements ;
• By recommending light systems development (Document Repository System etc).

Contribute to the system implementation:
• By analyzing and specifying requirements for new systems ;
• By proposing plan for a consistent use of systems between Wealth Management centers where applicable ;
• By ensuring systems implementation is consistent with medium term strategy ;
• By assisting users to get processes adapted ;
• By assisting users for conversion plan, training, testing, procedures and go-live ;
• By proposing organization and procedures which will make optimum use of system.

Contribute to the operational permanent control framework;
• By suggesting improvements to the permanent control framework.
• By identifying weaknesses in the permanent control framework and proposing new controls where appropriate.
• By considering permanent control aspects for all new workflows rolled out.
• Contribute to the implementation of operational permanent control policies and procedures in day-to-day business activities, such as Control Plan.
• Comply with regulatory requirements and internal guidelines.
• Contribute to the reporting of all incidents according to the Incident Management System

Contribute to the professionalism and development of junior organization staff together with the Regional Head of Organisation:
• By defining their responsibilities ;
• By giving them collective and individual objectives ;
• By regularly assessing their performance ;
• By providing them with the necessary training programs through the Human Resources Function ;
• By defining and monitoring an appropriate recruitment policy in agreement with Human Resources ;
• By monitoring their mobility in liaison with Human Resources ;
• By making recommendation for their remuneration ;
• By promoting the Bank's values.

Contribute to the planning of the medium term direction for Wealth Management Asia:
• By investigating areas where Wealth Management can achieve economies of scale between locations ;
• By working with technology on plans for the evolution of Wealth Management systems ;
• By working with the Corporate Development Team and providing analysis or due diligence on proposed projects where required,
• By validating these propositions with the Regional Head of Organization / COO of Asia

Contribute to help Wealth Management in Asia, adapt to future changes as required by the evolution of markets, client’s needs, technology and activities:
• By following market and product development ;
• By following the evolution of regulations.


Be part of the change management team to drive strategic and transformative initiatives across Asia Wealth Management and its associated platforms.
Participate in global initiatives to implement the projects in Asia by acting a first POC
Engaging key stakeholders and drive decision making on projects being managed


Organization Asia is a team of professional program / project managers with the mission to identify, drive and implement innovative changes in WM Asia with one or a combination of these ultimate objectives: (1) increase revenue; (2) reduce cost base; (3) improve service levels; and (4) mitigate / manage risks of WM Asia.

• Demonstrated excellent analytical, creative and problem solving skills as well as attention to detail.
• Strong business acumen.
• An inquiring mind, curiosity and desire to understand “why”.
• Listening skills, and reacting to stakeholders comments
• Ability to rapidly assimilate new technologies and initiative for self-teaching.
• Ability to differentiate between wants and needs.
• Good understanding and practical application of “Outside In” Analysis.
• Interpersonal skills enabling you to operate effectively at all levels; you build strong relationships both in person and when working remotely.
• Self-starter. You don’t wait to be asked; you volunteer and consult with others to drive work to completion.
• Leadership to drive projects.
• Demonstrated ability to handle stressful situations and remain calm.
• You are highly organized and experienced at producing project documentation.
• Excellent communication skills: formal and informal, one to one, one to many and across all organisational levels.
• Well-developed presentation skills.
• High proficiency with PowerPoint and Excel.
• Ability to successfully work as a team in a rapidly changing environment.
• Excellent organization skills.
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