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Trade Service Clerk


Standard / Permanent



Job function




Job Description


- Perform below clients’ operations tasks for GTS and E&C :

- Bills collection business(Import and Export)

- Opening letters of credit

- Negotiation, forfeiting and other type of financing

- L/C advising, etc,

- Keep herself permanently informed of SAFE/PBOC regulations and maintain an updated file

- Make daily, weekly, ten-day, monthly, quarterly and yearly SAFE report regarding bills


- Prepare the cover sheet ,color enough copies and scan to Regional Hub

- Answer the question from Regional hub by e-mail

- Understand the discrepancies issued by Regional hub, inform and explain to the clients.

- Give instructions to Hong Kong for further processing ( accounting entries and remittance schedule)

- Send documents to issuing bank

- Handle incoming swifts related to bills

- Arrange payment after receiving the funds.

- Discount bills as per client’s request.

- Pass entries for discounted bills after receiving funds.

- Check the ATII report on the next day to ensure the work correctly done by Regional Hub, and try to solve the problems occurred.


- Provide prompt and efficient LC Opening/Amendment service to customer.

- Check import documents as per covering schedule to ensure receipt.

- Scan all documents to Regional Hub for handle and obtain settlement or acceptance from opener.

- Arrange bill retirement (sight bill) or acceptance (usance bill) and effect payment at maturity date.

L/C Advising

- Control VTF covering letter correct printed out and matched with original L/C

- Communicate with regional office for any irregularity

- Follow up the advising fee has been properly received before delivery of the original L/C

- Passing accounting entries for fee received

- Maintain good standard files for L/C advising

Guarantee issuance and Guarantee re-issuance

- Prepare instruction to GTFO.

- Help  to coordinate with HK for the processing according procedure.

- Scan all documents to HK for handle

- Help to follow up the issuance fee


Job Requirement


- Over 3 years trade operation experience

- Good English speaking and writing skills

- Good team work spirit

- Familiar with UCP600, URDG758 and relevant incoterms

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