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BNP Paribas in Asia Pacific -


In Asia Pacific, BNP Paribas is one of the best-positioned international financial institutions with an uninterrupted presence since 1860. Currently with over 17,000 employees* and a presence in 14 markets, BNP Paribas provides corporates, institutional and private investors with product and service solutions tailored to their specific needs. It offers a wide range of financial services covering corporate & institutional banking, wealth management, asset management, insurance, as well as retail banking and consumer financing through strategic partnerships.

Position Purpose

As the BNP Paribas Compliance Transformation progresses, specialist areas, known as Domains, have been set up that encompasses the areas of: Financial Security, KYC, Protection of Interests of Clients, Professional Ethics, and Market Integrity.
BNP Paribas’ Protection of Interests of Clients Responsible Officer will be accountable for assisting the Head of PIC APAC in the development of the PIC Domain within APAC and mainly in South East Asia.



The Protection of Interests of Clients Responsible Officer as a specialist of the PIC Domain will assist the Head of PIC in APAC and ensure that all the entities/territories under his mandate operate in full compliance with all applicable PIC related regulations. To this end he/she will:
● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to ensure a consistent and coherent roll out of Group PIC policies and processes across the entities/territories under his mandate
● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to recommend adjustments to our business organizations (including IT and HR resources,), processes (product governance  and features, distribution channels, salesforce remuneration schemes) inducements, suitability, client information, complaints handling, filing and traceability) and practices when new norms (laws and regulations, regulators guidelines or jurisprudence) are put in place as well as each time PICROs identify any gap between prevailing practices and the regulation (including soft law and jurisprudence)
● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to provide OP/Region CCO/COO and head of PIC Domain APAC with a proactive vision of PIC related risks as well as comprehensive assessment of our Compliance set up to mitigate these risks
● Coordinate the network for the PIC Correspondents' community for the entities/territories under his mandate


● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to identify key PIC related risk areas across their  respective Operational Perimeters on the basis of  (i) Business Units profile (activities, products types, client profile, distribution channels, …) (ii) applicable regulatory frameworks (local regulations , jurisprudence) and  relevant Group policies
● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to promote PIC culture and good practices and prevent Conduct Risk across their respective Operational Perimeters (NB:  when appropriate the Head of PIC Domain has a hierarchical or functional relationship with the PICROs within the Operational perimeter)



● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to ensure that an adequate legal and market watch process is in place  locally to identify  new  requirements (based on regulation or jurisprudence)  as well as  best market practices (based on peer group reviews)


Business Strategy

● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to advise Senior Management on PIC issues in relation with new lines of business, new product lines, new distribution channels, sales and revenues budget
● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to ensure compliance by Senior Management to PIC regulations (tone at the top, remuneration of staff, inducements, sales objectives, PIC dash board...)


Business Practices

● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to monitor compliance to PIC regulations in Operational Entities through the reporting and escalation processes
● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to promote consistency of practices within Operational Perimeter and recommend best practices all along the product/client relationship life cycle
● Provide for the entities/territories under his mandate appropriate trainings for APAC and ensure that PIC issues are properly covered in Product and/or Behavior training
● Assist the Head of PIC Domain APAC to recommend adjustments in terms of organization, conduct and practices whenever appropriate to (i) reduce Conduct Risk  (ii) comply with new regulations /jurisprudence  (iii)  react to consumers, competitors or media initiatives


Key Interaction

● Head of Compliance APAC
● Compliance COO APAC
● PICROs & PIC Correspondents within his/her OP/region
● Head of his/her Operational Perimeter/region
● CCO and/or COO of OP/region Compliance
● Heads of Territories / Business Lines within his/her OP/region
● Other Domain Leaders within his/her OP/region  (i.e. KYC  / Market Integrity / Professional Ethics/FS)
● Domain Leaders of PIC in other Ops/region
● Head of PIC domain
● PIC Domain Specialists (e.g. Norms & Practices, Advisory & Training, Control & Reporting..)

Technical and Behavioral Competencies required


Technical skills


● Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate and consult clearly at all levels, especially with senior management;

● Business experience (e.g. structuring, marketing and/or sale of structured products, management of a profit center or business  development)

● Good technical grasp of most sophisticated products manufactured/sold by the OP/Region

● High transversal knowledge across the various APAC business lines (notably Global Markets and Institutional Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate Banking and Transaction Banking and BP2S activities).

● Demonstrate personal skills in overseeing team’s correspondents on a cross-border basis.

● Legal culture and literacy

Soft skills


● Integrity

● Accuracy

● Directing in a positive way

● Self-confidence

● Ability to learn (curiosity)

● Imagination to find new solutions to complex issues

● Client focus

● Reliable

● Impact

● Acting with perspective

● Developing others


Primary Location: SG-Singapore-Singapore Job Type: Standard / Permanent Job: COMPLIANCE Education Level: Bachelor Degree or equivalent (3 years) Experience Level: At least 7 years
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