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Project Management Office and Data Management Office Manager, BP2S


Standard / Permanent





Job function


Apply REF: CIB003452

Direct Responsibilities


Project Management Office (PMO)


Responsible for establishing and running the Project Management Office with the objective of ensuring all projects are delivered using a ‘best-practice’ Project Delivery Approach and are delivered within the agreed scope, time, cost and quality. He/She will define and deploy standardized project governance, assist the project managers on large projects, contributes to quality review and ensures that information concerning content (e.g., deliverables, risks, issues) passes to and from sponsors and his/her manager.


This role will be three fold, firstly overseeing the portfolio of all SG BP2S projects (digital and non-digital projects), providing expert knowledge and support and monitoring progress and reporting on the portfolio status. Secondly managing projects/programs directly. Finally, the development, introduction and on-going iteration of the Project Delivery Approach.


The role is expected to provide strong leadership to promote best practices in managing projects and/or programs to ensure successful delivery with the project managers. This role will also ensure project resources have the correct toolsets and processes in place and that all relevant staff are trained and equipped to deliver successfully. She/He is deeply involved in improving the consistency, predictability and efficiency of the project delivery capability.

The PMO Manager must also ensure that the operational issues of the PMO are managed, focusing on the project interface with project leaders/ project teams, technology and other issues.

In addition, the PMO Manager oversees projects costs and makes sure they are well managed, monitors profit and cost sheets for each project.


Strong project or program management and excellent organizational skills are fundamental, as is the ability to liaise with several people at all levels within SG BP2S.




Data Management Office (DMO)


The DMO is in charge of all topics carrying or affecting data governance or data quality. She/He is expected to support all the BP2S teams in

Responsible for:

  • Governance:
    • defining strong data governance and framework to provide guidance , assessing and remediating data quality issues: committees, tools, data matrix,…
    • monitoring of data roadmaps
    • creating and enforcing policies for effective data management,
    • establishing rules and procedures for data sharing with internal or external stakeholders
    • Follow up of the implementation of data initiatives at Group level in Singapore
    • creating a data quality dashboard to gauge the quality of data
    • defining a clear data flow and a process flow to manage the risk controls around data and user access



  • Quality:
    • delivering an end-to-end data quality management methodology to provide a holistic structured approach to the definition, analysis, investigation and remediation of data quality issues
    • formulating techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data
    • implementing efficient and secure procedures for data management and analysis with attention to all technical aspects
    • supporting  SG BP2S staff in the daily use of data systems and ensure adherence to legal, regulatory and BP2S standards
    • defining a framework and assisting with reports and data extraction when needed
    • ensuring data are protected from security breaches and data losses
    • establishing data quality KPIs
    • alignment with the RaDar, GDPR and any regulatory requirements on the data


She/he will support development projects by giving advice or feedback on proposals from Data Quality perspective where needed.



Contributing Responsibilities


Contribute to the Permanent Control framework

Contribute  to the Digital transformation programme

Contribute  to global BP2S projects on data management


Competencies (Technical / Behavioral):



·         Developed project/programme management and planning skills and experience

·         Ability to and experience of providing input to organisational business and budget planning

·         Team management experience with the ability to manage and motive virtual project teams

·          Experience of prioritisation matrices and working with the business to determine appropriate project prioritisation

·         Ability to juggle different projects/priorities and deliver high quality outcomes under pressure

·         Capability to provide timely, accurate and relevant project and portfolio reporting as agreed

·         Experience of resource planning against the prioritised portfolio of projects and ability to work with the project teams and business to manage project resource needs

·         Capability to track project benefits realisation and lessons learnt activities to feed into on-going improvements

·         Experience in embedding the use of RAID logs as part of the day to day project activities

·         Able to focus on a clear goal in all actions

·         Ability to monitor and report on project budgets across the portfolio at stakeholder and Sponsor levels

·         Responsible for mentoring and coaching the project teams to effectively implement the Project Delivery Approach

·          Thought leader with a view to creating a viable PMO service and supporting pragmatic delivery of projects



·         Excellent understanding of data administration and management functions (collection, analysis, distribution etc.)

·         Familiarity with modern database and information system technologies


For both


·         Open-minded and ‘can-do’ attitude which encourages innovation, embraces change and be flexible by adapting quickly to changing priorities

·         Participate fully as a team member in building an atmosphere of openness, honesty, respect and co-operation  

·         Approachable, accountable and available

·         Continually looking for opportunities to improve project delivery through the Project Management Office

·         Strong interpersonal, time management and problem solving skills

·         Excellent attention to detail, both written and numerical, and commitment to quality

·         Comfortable with coordinating and collaborating with business teams to drive required decisions and outcomes

·         Cross functional relationship building is paramount. The role must be able to successfully work with and influence individuals not directly under their control

·         Ability to challenge

·         Excellent communication and collaboration skills

·         Advanced IT skills in relation to Word, PowerPoint and Excel and MS Project or other project tools



Specific Qualifications required:

·         Extensive knowledge and expertise in program/project management, portfolio management, systems development methodology
Recognized formal project management qualification (PMP/APMP/Prince2/P30 or equivalent) is desirable

·         Master’s Degree

·         3 -5 years of IT and business/industry work experience

·         3-5 years of program/project management experience

·         Technical skills in data management, database, reporting or BI



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