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Manager - Operational Permanent Control


Standard / Permanent



Job function





Main Objectives & Purpose:



Position Objective:


To define and on an ongoing basis establish and maintain Governance Structure & Permanent Control Set-up for ARPC and other areas such as Administration, Vendor Management within Chennai set-up at BNP Paribas India Solution Private Limited.


Roles and responsibilities:  


Establishing and maintaining Governance Structure


1.     Ensure timely organization of Risk Committees to report risk health of ARPC Platform

2.     Ensure timely preparation and submission of various dashboards as per stakeholder’s requirements

3.     Ensure timely and comprehensive contribution to ICC, PCC, PCR Reporting

4.     Ensure adherence to SLAs for Chennai (IT as well as Non-IT)

5.     Ensure timely closure of IG / other internal control / regulatory bodies such as Compliance, 2OPC recommendations and findings and ensure implementations of the same for other sites / processes if applicable  If not closed, follow-up for the closure of the same


Establishing and maintaining Permanent Control Set-up


6.     Ensure effective, timely and comprehensive migration of Level 1 and Control of controls for new activities and    

Ensure ongoing monitoring of Level 1 controls and implementation of the “Control of Controls”

7.     Ensure effective execution of “Control of Controls” for the existing activities and enhancing the coverage and depth of the same

8.     Ensure timely and comprehensive preparation of Risk Mappings for new activities and review of risk mappings of existing activities

9.     Ensure effective and timely implementation and ongoing management of ORUS for ARPC

10.   Ensure effective and timely analysis of errors and incidents and implementation of corrective and preventive actions at ARPC

11.   Monitor IT Errors (application errors), IT Events (system downtimes) and MO errors and report to IT OPC and MO respectively for implementing corrective actions.

12.   Report all the incidents in the Forecast as per the defined thresholds and reporting guidelines

13.   Ensure reduction in error and incident rate

14.   Organize / Conduct training programmes on client confidentiality, new compliance guidelines, controls and operations risk for the ARPC.  (Know Your Controls)

15.   Contribute to various OPC related projects and initiatives launched by Region as well as HO

16.   Execute control of controls for Administration, Vendor Management in Chennai as a part of support to Functions - OPC





Performance Assessment and Reporting (Transversal)


17.   Design structure/ models for reportings based on the stakeholder requirements

18.   Compile reportings, dashboards, analysis at requested periodicities and distribute to the stakeholders

19.   Perform Budgetary controls and ensure timely reportings to Management

20.   Execute relevant projects / analysis for betterment of reportings


Business Continuity Management


21.   Ensure timely review of existing BIAs and inclusion of new activities

22.   Ensure timely execution of BCP drills and sharing of results with stakeholders



Performance Parameters

  1. Effective assessment and reporting of operational risk management
  2. Effective coverage of operational permanent controls
  3. Effective coverage of performance management system

Effective coverage of Business Continuity Management  



Contact Points & Interactions:






  CIO, ISPL Chennai

-  Head of ISPL Operations

-  Head of OPC and Performance Management, ISPL Operations

-  Head – ARPC

-  Head – ARPC Chennai

-  Other OPC Managers within ISPL

Head - OPC - Functions

-  BCP Coordinator at ISPL





- Regional and HO Management, HO / Regional / Site OPCs, Site COOs

-  India Territory BCM Manager

-  IG / 2OPC / Other regulatory entity mission In-Charge







Technical Competencies

-  General Risk Management Awareness

-  Risk Identification, Risk Monitoring, Risk Mitigation, Risk Reporting Techniques and systems

-  Familiarity with the Payments Products

-  Familiarity with Banking back-office operations processes and systems

-  Familiarity with Computer applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint

-  Familiarity with BNP Paribas applications used under ARPC

General competencies

-  Excellent Interpersonal skills

-  Excellent ability to work in a multi-cultural, team-oriented environment

-  Excellent ability to work independently

-  Exhibit pro-activeness

-  Excellent project management skills

-  Demonstrate fine attention to details

-  Excellent synthesis capabilities

-  Excellent problem solving skills

-  Excellent Service quality orientation

-  Excellent ability to honour tight deadlines

-  Excellent command over written and spoken English

Management competencies

-  Ability to facilitate buy-in of stakeholders

-  Ability to support / assist colleagues, client teams and management