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Business Overview
The Intermediate Holding Company (“IHC”) program structured at the U.S. level across poles of activities of BNP Paribas provides guidance, supports the analysis, impact assessment and drives adjustments of the U.S. platform’s operating model due to the drastic changes introduced by the Enhanced Prudential Standards (“EPS”) for Foreign Banking Organizations (“FBOs”) finalized by the Federal Reserve in February 2014, implementing Section 165 of U.S. Dodd-Frank Act.
As rules stemming from the EPS have been finalized, the IHC program will also recommend and drive implementation of the new “normal” state as required by rules and regulations irrespective of location, business, function or activity of BNP Paribas in the U.S.
Change resulting from rules or regulatory expectations not associated with the EPS, non-U.S. driven regulatory changes (EMIR for example) or normal course of business regulatory changes are not part of the IHC scope.
IT Workstream is a transversal organization that is responsible to build and deliver the IHC platform and reporting. It is organized in 5 functional perimeters (IT Workstreams): Financial and Regulatory Reporting, CCAR, Funding and Liquidity, Risk, and Data governance.

The role will focus on the Funding and Liquidity IT workstream.


Where possible the solution will leverage existing architecture and infrastructure of other systems, but remains a separate segregated system, albeit closely linked to other internal tools.


The main sponsors of the project are CIB / IHC Finance with whom the team works very closely. The tool has a strong link to the BNPParibas group as well since it provides the CIB data for Liquidity regulatory reporting.  Triton is built upon an Oracle 11g SQL database (using PL/SQL for business and reporting logic) and reuses a bespoke C#/WinForms reporting front-end.  In addition, automated high-level reporting dashboards are produced on a daily basis


There is a position available in this NYC team.  This role will be primarily Oracle SQL focussed but will also require and encourage a significant amount of functional learning around Liquidity and Balance Sheet topics. The role will be responsible for helping in the designing, implementing and supporting the requirements from the sponsors, ensuring consistency with the existing architecture.  The candidate will also design and implement new business logic / reports as SQL inside stored procedures within the existing system / reporting framework, as well as enhancing and maintaining existing functionality. 


This role offers an excellent opportunity to work on a very high-profile regulatory project delivering critical reporting to senior CIB management.  Working on this project involves gaining a strong understanding of topics such as balance sheet, liquidity and funding across all product classes from a global perspective.


Knowledge of databases (ideally Oracle PL/SQL)  is essential, including but not limited to a familiarity with partitioning and extensive experience of optimising database queries and procedures. The ability to work very quickly and efficiently but still deliver structured and maintainable solutions is also very important.  Knowledge of investment banking products within financial institutions is a definite advantage, as is familiarity with balance sheet and liquidity topics.  Applicants should be numerate, enthusiastic, willing to learn about the business and able to communicate clearly.


Essential skills / attributes :

- Knowledge of SQL (ideally Oracle 10g/11g)

- Expertise with writing and optimising stored procedures and query performance

- Strong design

- Strong analysis and problem-solving skills

- Strong interest in financial topics

- Very high level of motivation

- Strong communication skills



- Knowledge of Fixed Income products

- Knowledge of Balance Sheet, Funding, Collateral

- Experience of Oracle partitions, XML

- Knowledge of C# / WinForms development

Relevant Degree:- BE