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Finance and Control Clerk (Tianjin)


Standard / Permanent



Job function




Job Description:

Cooperate with Reporting team in CN Ltd. (HO) to process local regulatory reporting (CBRC &PBOC)  and various internal reporting timely and correctly. And to provide support to the annual statutory audit.

Tax Work: Cooperate with Tax team in CN Ltd. (HO) to process various taxes to be paid locally, including business tax, profit tax, withholding tax and stamp duty, etc. The work includes but not limited to:

  - tax registration

  - tax calculation

  - tax payment

  -  tax accrual

  -  internal and external tax report

  -  communication with tax authority

Payment Work: Cooperate with Payment team in CN Ltd. (HO) to process the following work:

  - Expenses payment

  - Fixed assets management

  - Staff expenses reimbursement

Control Work: Cooperate with Reporting team in CN Ltd. (HO) to process the control work, including nostro reconciliation, domestic branch reconciliation (BS & PL), irregular control, etc.


Job Requirement

- Bachelor degree or above

- Minimum 3 years in banking industry experience

- Good knowledge on PBOC, CBRC and Tax reports submitting;

- Good knowledge on finance and accounting;

- Good understanding of related local rules and regulations;

- Excellent command of both written and spoken English and Chinese

- Sound PC skills including proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint