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Analyst – Due Diligence (Spanish)


Fixed Term



Job function






As part of a comprehensive action plan for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorist activities ("AML"), the Due Diligence Analyst assesses client risk by completing the "Know Your Customer" form ("KYC"); this includes the sensitivity proposal based on the sensitivity analysis results, which are determined by an evaluation grid. The Analyst will be in direct contact with clients (internal and external) in order to obtain the documentation required by internal and external regulations. The Analyst will work closely with other due diligence officers in the BNP Paribas Group network.


The Due Diligence Analyst's duties include participating in all necessary verifications in the completion of KYC forms, as well as to help the IAG team to detect suspicious people.


The Analyst is also in charge of maintaining the department's database, as well as preparing reports and statistics for submission to executive management on a regular basis.





This position does not require any staff management


·        Complete KYC forms for compliance purposes, including the following:


o   Conduct research on legal entities in the Bank's systems (Atlas, CreditNet, RMPM, GCARS, etc.) as well as in official government records and other public websites (Sedar, SEC, REQ, Banker's Almanac, etc.);

o   Conduct basic corporate financial research;

o   Conduct research on the economic activities of legal entities using available internal documents, such as credit proposals, or on public websites, such as Business Week (sector/industry type, products, services sold, localization of main suppliers, main clients and operation locations);

o   Evaluate client sensitivity according to a predetermined grid and instructions;

o   Communicate with clients, as needed, to gather information on beneficial ownership or on any other missing documents.


·        Notify the compliance/financial security department if a client's identity or documents appear fraudulent or suspicious.

·        Monitor problematic situations.

·        Verify the compliance monitoring process: have relationship managers and the business-line head sign and review the KYC form.

·        Help with process implementation and verification and participate in procedure updates.

·        Complete the form in compliance with the Bank's internal and external regulations within set timelines.

·        Manage and follow-up on reports required by financial intelligence units in Canada and Paris within the set timelines.

·        Take part in different projects under the supervision of the MO Support Manager/Due Diligence.



Ø  Bachelor's in administration or business and/or expertise relevant to the main duties described above.

Ø  1-2 years' experience.





Ø  Theoretical or general knowledge of banking products and legal documentation in the banking sector.

Ø  Asset: knowledge of banking sector compliance rules.

Ø  Asset: Good understanding of legal business structures so as to determine a legal entity's final beneficiaries.

Ø  Fluent in Spanish.

Ø  Good knowledge of IT tools and software.





Ø  Rigorous work performance.

Ø  Detail oriented.

Ø  Good judgement and analytical skills and takes initiative.

Ø  Timely execution.

Ø  Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

Ø  Ability to manage stress and prioritize.

Ø  Ability to work in a team.

Ø  Customer service skills.

Organizational skills.