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Descripción del puesto

Team: CIB Finance Projects & Systems

Context and team description:

The CIB Finance Projects & Systems department is one single Cross Border team located in both Paris (CIB Finance Head Office) and Madrid (Madrid Finance Service Center).

    • The geographical scope is that of all BNPP Group legal entities under CIB Finance responsibility.
  • The functional scope is that of Financial Accounting Reporting, Credit Risk Reporting, Management Accounting and Performance Management, the articulation with ALMT systems and contribution to the Liquidity Reporting.

  • The team is in charge of:
  • Defining the target CIB Finance architecture principles in coherence with the Group Finance strategy and proactively enforcing their implementation in the CIB Finance and in the Business/Operations community.
  • Steering Finance transversal projects and major transformation initiatives worldwide, of which the roll out of BNPP Group tools, such as the target accounting platform (OFS, SRS…), the Management Accounting reengineering, Business Intelligence initiatives, as well as the implementation of new regulatory requirements. Designing solutions to meet CIB Finance needs (internal or external).
  • Animating the global CIB Finance Projects & Systems activities, at central level and the ones delegated in the Regions / Metiers: UK, NAR, APAC, GECD, BP2S.
  • Managing the full life cycle of its own applications (major projects, enhancements, maintenance, and administration).
  • Supporting local & regional & central Finance end users for all systems related topics/incidents. Act as a single point of contact between the finance end users and the experts/providers on finance systems (internal or external).
  • Coordinating sourcing projects triggered by business needs or regulatory requirements.
  • Contributing to data quality improvement..A part of the activities of the CIB Finance Projects & Systems will be hosted in the Madrid Finance Service Center, and in particular the Projects & Systems Performance Management teamMadrid Finance Service Center (MFSC).
  • Mutualizing financial, management accounting and liquidity reporting production, both at Central and at Regional EMEA level, in order to rationalize finance production processes and optimize operational efficiency within a centralized processing center.
  • Reinforce the control set-up, both at Central and Regional EMEA level, and reduce the operational risk.  
  • Aligning tools, norms & methodologies, processes and deployment of standard CIB Finance applications/systems among the CIB Finance EMEA community.
  • Promoting process efficiency and transversality, supporting innovation and developing digitalization, as well as implementing robotics initiatives.
  • Strengthening coordination & (2-way) communication among the CIB Finance EMEA community, promoting best-practices and knowledge sharing.
  • Creating international communities and synergies with other Finance platforms.

Job Description

In the Projects & Systems Performance Management team situated in Madrid, the mission statement of the job is to manage the full life cycle of the Master Data Management tool used to manage the analytical axis of CIB Performance Management tools. The Tool is FiRef.

Location: The position will be located in Madrid. The job holder is expected to sometimes travel to Paris and also to other Regions/Countries.

Geographical scope and interactions:

  • Performance Managers worldwide, mainly CIB.
  • Group IT : ITG, based in Paris with subcontractors in Spain (to be confirmed)
  • Owners of client applications in CIB and in other Métiers / Functions
  • Key responsibilities of the role:
  • Responsible of the Master Data Management (MDM) application of CIB (Corporate & Institutional Banking) called FiRef v2.
  • Guarantee the availability of the application to all users.
  • Coordinate and organize with users each monthly and semi-annual release of each managed referential axis (Metier, axis, Entity axis, Centre axis & Indicator axis)
  • Secure and guarantee the delivery of each requirement asked by Performance Managers
  • Coordinate and manage distribution of new referential during each release to all applications based on FiRef referential.
  • Handle trainings of the new joiners
  • Detailed tasks description:
  • Manage upgrade of the application (based on the software EBX Orchestra).
  • Manage improvement and new functionalities of the application in coordination with all applications based on FiRef.
  • Manage relationship with IT teams.
  • Manage and organize each release, including the contribution of Performance Managers.
  • He/she is the SPOC (single point of contact) on the topic regarding CIB Referential.
  • Write requirements and ensure that the documentation is up-to-date.
  • Handle trainings, presentations and change management on the application.