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Financial Reporting


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Job function




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Descripción del puesto


  1. Financial knowledge
  2. Excellent control of the English language. Good knowledge of the Spanish language is necessary High


1.- To perform/control of HO Financial accounting Reporting (Paris and Brussels) following Group rules and ensuring the deadlines and accurate information.

2.- To follow the controls on the quality of the data send and received to/from different clients and on manual adjustments.

3.- To provide other additional information required by HO:

  • Variations analysis both IFRS and BGAAP.
  • Reconciliation of IFRS&FGAAP and IFRS&BGAAP.
  • Structure ALM (SALM).
  • Banking Book.
  • Interco’s reconciliation: To fulfill quarterly BALY Synthesis explanation with the most significant discrepancies and to drive the measures to reduce the differences.

4.- To solve open issues and questions coming from HO on the countries under his/her responsibility (contact with the right people and departments, send the proper information …).

5.- Being “reference person” for the countries to his/her assigned, knowing the main products, risks movements and other significant information from these countries.

6.- To collaborate actively with Performance Management and Risk Departments in order to guarantee the coherence of the information to send as well as to reconcile the data.

7.- To drive the standar automatization through tools of the Group,to increase the reliability and quality of the data and to reduce the terms of presentation.

8.- Permanent update in the norm applicable to the elaboration of the financial information.

9.- To guarantee the maintenence of procedures updated.

10.- To carry out periodic controls on the quality of the information of clients contained in the data bases and to propose changes to Local Finance when necessary.

11.- To check that new A2 accounts to be opened are apropiated for Reporting purposes.

12.- To participate in new projects of the Department.Direct contribution to BNP Paribas operational permanent control framework.


  • Experiencia en auditoría financiera

•Licenciado en administración y dirección de empresas/ economía /contabilidad.

Bilingüe en inglés.

•Trabajo en equipo