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Keen to join the BNP Paribas adventure? For a short way along the road or for your whole career? Let's start by getting to know each other.

If you're about to take your first steps in the world of work or if you simply want a new professional challenge: join us!

  • Are you a student? From a few months to several years, we'll support you through work-study or an internship to facilitate your integration into working life. A job at BNP Paribas or a significant experience on your CV could be the result.
  • Are you a recent graduate? Every year, two thirds of our 3,000 permanent job opportunities are open to people just starting out in their working lives. Would you like to have your first international experience? Our teams around the world welcome you for a V.I.E.
  • Are you an expert in what we do? We're convinced that you'll find a new and stimulating professional challenge in one of our 300 business lines in our environment: insurance, commercial or investment banking, leasing, IT, control functions, consulting, ...

If you have a disability and would like to join us or if you'd simply like more information:

Contact us at: missionhandicap [at] bnpparibas (dot) com

In 2022, BNP Paribas in France offers:


work-study contracts


v.i.E. contracts




permanent contracts

Change your job without changing company thanks to internal mobility

Throughout your time with us, you will be able to take on different roles, develop your area of expertise or change jobs, all the while discovering different entities within the Group. And like many employees, you will soon have the feeling that time is flying by. And for good reason! In 2021, one in six employees took up a new position! For each new opportunity, you'll be supported by the right people and have access to a whole range of operational tools: training dedicated to mobility, a monthly newsletter and more than 50 events throughout the year, such as the Mobility Days, the Être mobile en Île-de-France job fair, Mobi'lives, etc.

Business people working a in modern office.

1 in 6 employees took up a new position 2021

You have a range of skills that is specific to you: develop them with us

You'll discover that our learning culture is a state of mind shared by everyone in the Group to develop your performance in your position, develop your employability, promote your evolution within the Group or meet its transformation challenges.

To consolidate your skills or acquire new ones, you'll get a learning experience through various methods and contents including "on-the-job training", mentoring, co-development, serious games learning, etc.

There are many different combinations and pathways: it's up to you to try out your own, together with your Human Resources Business Partner and your manager!

In 2020, in France, more than 37,000 employees were accompanied and supported, and more than 700,000 hours of training were provided.

Together, let's look after your professional well-being

Your quality of life at work is essential to your well-being, your motivation, your individual performance and that of the Group's. On a day-to-day basis, you can benefit from the We Care and Smart Working programs, both of which look after your personal balance as well as your working conditions.In recent years, many jobs have changed significantly and so have the ways in which they are carried out.

BNP Paribas will help you adopt a more hybrid work organisation while giving you what you need to maintain a balance between professional and personal life. Depending on the eligibility of your position, you may be able to benefit from a maximum of 50% teleworking to maintain a sense of belonging and team spirit. Fixed days, flexible days or a mixed rhythm: you'll be offered several options.

From your manager, HR advisor, social assistance advisor, occupational health physician, live health sessions or external listening and support system, you'll always have a contact person or resource to support you.Well-being at work is also based on valuing employees. Find out all about our social policy.

The many advantages of our social policy

hand and money box
Financial benefits
Ethical and transparent compensation consisting of a fixed salary and an individual and/or collective variable portion (defined based on your performance and that of your team),
company savings plan,
mandatory and optional profit-sharing and a matching company contribution.

Family walking in a park near a river
Social and medical benefits

Health and insurance coverage,
active occupational medicine and social support at work,
advantageous family and parental policy including contribution to childcare costs.

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Benefits in everyday life

Works council,
company cafetaria or lunch vouchers.

You have questions?

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