VIE Business Analyst – Rome, M/F

Your daily routine?

This role has crucial activities having a high impact on the development dynamics of Wealth Management and Private Sales & Credit Markets in BNL, Italy. You will be assigned in financial analysis reports in order to aim at defining the strategic priorities of the reference markets, realizing AI models and periodic monitoring systems to identify actions and business opportunities, the development of products and services and the relationship with customers, thus influencing the Division's ambitions and results

You will have crucial assets having a high impact on the development dynamics of Wealth Management and Private Banking Markets.

You will analyze large amounts of both product and process data and customer behavior in order to build financial analysis reports and monitoring tools for all major management levers of the Division and develop AI models to assess market trends and optimize customer experience. You can have to use/create algorithms with ad hoc code to give life to the simulations of the various scenarios identified.

You will also need to develop monitoring systems of the main business processes, developing elementary data structures in order to generate the key indicators to be displayed to users.

You will challenge yourself with the other corporate functions and in particular with the commercial structures to propose and agree the analyses to be carried out in support of their activity as well as to share the main results of what has already been developed.

The working environment is important!

You will be part of a dynamic and innovative team. The main activities of the Strategic Planning team are aimed at defining the commercial analysis and strategies of Wealth Management and Private Banking Markets in BNL in order to protect, develop and transmit assets creating long term value for the customer, his family and society.

Being so a point of reference for those who have the ambition to contribute actively to economic and social development through their heritage, accompanying them in choices of sustainable finance where potential return and positive impact live together. It means working in a challenging environment, with an international culture and strongly oriented towards innovation.

BNL- BNP Paribas Private Banking Wealth Management offers solutions based on the global expertise of the BNP Paribas Group an international leader in banking and financial services and on the knowledge of the local market by BNL, a bank that has always been close to the needs of the Italian market.

The Strategic Planning team is located in Rome.

The next steps? 

This mission will allow you to actively participate in the continuous improvement of the performance of the strategic planning team.

This position will provide you with transversal and multi-business knowledge of the Group. In particular, you will:

- discover Wealth management and Private Banking markets ;

- develop your network by working on a daily basis with many contacts (Commercial Structures, HR line, Managers, Communication, Finance);

- generate concrete business results through the identification of data based insights ;

- develop your skills in strategic view and communicate results and ideas to make decisions ;

- contribute to innovation, in particular digital innovation on themes, events, devices, commercial campaigns linked to Wealth management and Private banking.
Why join BNP Paribas?

Our world is changing! Today, what counts in a job is to live real experiences, to learn, to share objectives and results with colleagues. In short, to chart your own path, different, responsible and sustainable. At BNP Paribas, we recruit our employees with the idea that they are looking for the world and the bank of tomorrow.

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What about remuneration?

It is set by Business France and can be viewed directly on their site.

Are you our next VIE?

You have a Master degree, majoring in Finance, Mathematics, Statistics or Engineering. You have a solid knowledge in data and in predictive models. You have gained first experience (internships and work-study program included) on similar missions.  

You speak advanced English and ideally basic French and Italian. You have a very good command of MS Office, programming tools (Python, SQL) and statistical techniques.

You demonstrate adaptability and team spirit. Your analytical skills, your project management and your rigor will be assets to progress on this mission.  

In a changing world, diversity, equity and inclusion are core values necessary for well-being and team performance. At BNP Paribas, we intend in welcoming and retaining all talents without distinction: this is how we shall all be building the finance of tomorrow, innovative, responsible and sustainable.

Finally, we attach particular importance to ensuring that our future employees act on a daily basis with ethical and professional responsibility. 

During the recruitment process, information contained in your CV, your personal identifying information and background can be checked at all times.

VIE availability

As soon as possible, for a period of 18 months.

Please, only send your resume and cover letter in English, and check that you fulfil the conditions for undertaking a V.I.E. How to get a job abroad in Italy on the Business France VIE?

Primary Location
Job Type
Education Level
Master ou équivalent (> 4 ans)
Experience Level
Au moins 1 an
Temps plein

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Basically, why would you want to join BNP Paribas over any other company?


  • What if we told you that working in our Group may not be quite what you think? BNP Paribas business lines and careers are constantly evolving to meet the expectations of our clients and society as a whole.

  • Feeling good about your job means bringing your whole self to work and being who you are. It’s also about having the resources you need to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Both of these are major commitments at BNP Paribas.

  • At BNP Paribas, developing your skills is as important to us as it is to you. And the skills you learn with us will help you through the rest of your working life.

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