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Transaction Banking Implementation and Service Manager

Last update 13.02.2024
As the leading European Union bank, and one of the world’s largest financial institutions with an uninterrupted presence in the region since 1860, BNP Paribas offers a wide range of financial services for corporate, institutional and private investors spanning corporate and institutional banking, wealth management, asset management and insurance. 
We passionately embrace diversity and are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where all employees are valued and encourage applicants of all backgrounds, including diversity of origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion applicants who may be living with a disability. We have a number of internal employee networks in place to empower our staff to act and challenge the status quo.
• BNP Paribas PRIDE is highly active in favour of the LGBTQIA+ community
• BNP Paribas MixCity which fosters better representation of women at all levels of the organization
• Ability, the mutual aid network for employees with a disability or a disabling or chronic illness
• BNP Paribas CulturAll which celebrates diverse backgrounds
BNP is committed to financing a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. The Group is a founding member of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance and has set up its own Low Carbon Transition Group to support its clients through their energy transitions.
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Award Obtained
BNPP has won Top employer Europe award in a 10th consecutive year

Position Purpose

Handle Implementation/Client Service activities for both Cash Management and Global Trade Solutions (TB Solutions)
  • Implement TB Solutions and Services, for corporate clients (Japanese corporates and MNCs) in Japan, and for Japanese corporates in EMEA/APAC, when requested, along with local teams
  • Be the principle contact point for corporate clients to support client requests for information (Centric/portal related, daily BAU inquiry, billing, supplier on-boarding etc), transaction support and problem resolution across a range of TB products and underlying platforms and channels, for corporate clients
The key deliverable is to ensure a high level of client satisfaction translating to client loyalty and revenue retention.

Direct Responsibilities

1 . Manage the Implementation and the Client Service function to ensure
a. high quality delivery and a high level of client satisfaction in dealing with corporate clients
b. evolve and expand the scope of the function to leverage relationships and a high client satisfaction into a strong client loyalty and revenue retention
c. be proactive giving update of implementation status to external and internal stakeholders, as
TB Sales and Coverage for important names to the franchise
2. Initiate an/or execute initiatives/processes that will
a. enhance the teams efficiency and/or effectiveness in supporting clients as escalating system issues not only to IT, but also to TB Sales/Coverage and Management to alert and seek support and to work closely with Implementation Team in Region
b. become the single contact point and give first respond to client on daily inquiry as payment status, Electronic Banking related, pooling balance status, pricing inquiry and billing, supplier on-boarding status, so that TB Sales/Coverage can focus on origination

3. Partnership management

a. engage with internal teams/stakeholders that provide service/support to clients to ensure alignment to client needs and address issues at a root cause level especially when there had been pa ment/reportin s stem issues assi cation :
b. identify, address and/or escalate risks with client experience and/or client and/ or revenue attrition for internal teams/stakeholders to work together to address
c. proactively seek and share market information and opportunities that will be helpful to TB Sales, Products and Coverage in addressing market place and/or client needs and requirements
4. Manage and monitor the performance to deliver on target KPls and set goals and objectives
5. Responsible for ensuring a sound control environment with satisfactory audit results
6. Implement and deliver Transaction Banking solutions, in a timely manner
a. Coordinate with Back Office and Region Implementation Managers, the design of workflows suitable to clients' operational requirements whilst minimizing operational workload for the
b. Ensure smooth execution of transactions, by coordinating with other relevant functions
c. Coordinate on-boarding of suppliers under Supplier Financing Programs, including marketing of the solution to suppliers (when required), execution of legal contracts, and operational implementation

Contributing Responsibilities

  • Contribute to develop innovation (share market information, bring new ideas, new processes)
  • Ensure regular cross - selling of other business lines and cross - country/cross - regional fertilization Contribute to efficiency development by enhanced cooperation with other teams (coverage, operation, product...}
  • Endeavor to ensure the quality of the bank's portfolio remains sound and healthy and to monitor supplier's utilization

Permanent Control Aspects

For all staff other than managers:

  • Direct contribution to BNPP operational permanent control framework
  • Contribute to the implementation of operational permanent control policies and procedures in day-today business activities, such as Control Plan
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and internal guidelines
  • Contribute to the reporting of all incidents according to the Incident Management System
  • Ensure audit recommendations are resolved within the specific timeline

Experience and Qualifications required

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Degree in Finance, Business or Mathematics; post-graduate degree in Business or Finance
  • Fluent in English and Japanese written & verbal

Other Value — added Competencies:

  • History of achievement in previous roles
  • Receptive to changes and good learning ability
  • Excellent interpersonal and influencing skills
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills

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  • What if we told you that working in our Group isn’t quite what you might think? At BNP Paribas, we do a multitude of different jobs that are constantly evolving to meet the expectations of our clients and society as a whole. Whether through everyday tasks or major projects, doing one of our jobs means making a personal commitment to taking sustainable action.

  • Feeling good about your job means bringing your whole self to work and being who you are. It’s also about having the resources you need to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Both of these are major commitments at BNP Paribas.

  • At BNP Paribas, developing your skills is as important to us as it is to you. And the skills you learn with us will help you through the rest of your working life.

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