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Do you want to ensure the best technical support to the users of End-user self-service tools and environments for reporting and A&AI (i.e. Business Intelligence tools such as Business Object, Tableau, Sybase IQ, SAS and Advanced analytics tools (eg. R)) ?  Are you interested also in technically supporting our bank’s data management tooling (eg Collibra, Ab Initio, Powerdesigner) ?  Do you like working with Enterprise Architects and Global Security to look into new solutions as well as ensuring  continuity and secure setup of our existing  solutions  (eg impact of move to the cloud our self-service end-user environment and BI assets) ? Do you like to be the link between technical and business profiles?

Your environment

If so, the role of Product Owner for our Data Hub Platforms & Tools Operations squad is perfect for you. The squad is in charge to maintain transversally the Business Intelligence, the advanced A&AI as well as the data management infrastructure and tooling in the scope of BNPPF activities. As a Product Owner, you develop and maintain the vision for your products and services ; you set the priorities with the team, with your main stakeholders and with other Product Owners. You discuss future evolutions aligned with the offerings of the BNPP Group and you make certain BNPPF demands are clearly known and prioritized.  You are responsible for maintaining operational excellence of the infrastructure activities and foresee Life-Cycle Management, Disaster Recovery Plans and Monitoring.

Your future job 

Your duties:

  • To develop, promote and maintain a realistic vision and strategy for your products and services.
  • To monitor product developments and evolutions in the domains of Big Data, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Governance and Security.
  • To align and negotiate with a highly varied stakeholder group (business users, Data COE’s and Data Hub colleague PO’s, IT, BNPP group (ITG), vendors, etc.) to ensure we gain the best possible outcome for our bank.
  • To make the data user's journey as smooth as possible and to observe governance, security and privacy considerations.
  • To actively manage your risks (and be a contributor during audits) and to anticipate wherever possible.
  • To assist the Tribe ITTL in software contract management with your tool suppliers.
  • To ensure the squad can provide seamless customer support.
  • To set the right priorities with your team and stakeholders.
  • To oversee the iterative process of ideation, design, implementation and user adoption.
  • To have good notions of 1 or more components of the very diverse technical environments the tools run on (WIN, AIX, CLOUD, …).

Highlight your strengths

Your expert knowledge and proven experience are essential to this role:

  • Experience in handling vendor relations.
  • Understanding of Global Security requirements preventing data leakage.
  • Knowledge of the IT processes such as Freeze Periods and Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Fascination about new technologies and solutions in the domain of Cloud.
  • Capacity to connect the dots and understand the big picture for defining adaquate solutions.
  • Ability to define appropriate governance around the usage of your tools and services, and to monitor them together with your internal customers
  • A entrepreneurial mind that continues to drive the change.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Being team player and having excellent communication skills.
  • Willingness to study the relevant regulations and policies and become an expert in them.
  • Good knowledge of English and Dutch en/or French.

In a changing world, diversity and inclusion are core values for team well-being and performance. At BNP Paribas Fortis, we want to welcome and retain all talents, regardless of gender, age, origin or sexual orientation, and irrespective of whether or not they are living with a disability, as each of them have their own experience and identity. Together, let's build the bank of tomorrow: innovative, responsible and sustainable. All of our full-time vacancies are also open to candidates wishing to work 80% or 90%.

Tempted by the challenge?

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Primary Location
Job Type
Standard / Permanent
Education Level
Master Degree or equivalent (> 4 years)
Experience Level
At least 5 years
Competency profile
Digital Expert

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  • What if we told you that working in our Group isn’t quite what you might think? At BNP Paribas, we do a multitude of different jobs that are constantly evolving to meet the expectations of our clients and society as a whole. Whether through everyday tasks or major projects, doing one of our jobs means making a personal commitment to taking sustainable action.

  • Feeling good about your job means bringing your whole self to work and being who you are. It’s also about having the resources you need to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Both of these are major commitments at BNP Paribas.

  • At BNP Paribas, developing your skills is as important to us as it is to you. And the skills you learn with us will help you through the rest of your working life.

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