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Permanent control
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The overall mission is to coordinate the implementation, management and reporting of the permanent control system in all its components.

This includes the implementation of the generic control system, the follow-up of the findings and recommendations form the General Inspection and the management of incidents (historical and potential).


    1. Risk Mapping

      The objective is ensure that the risk mapping at REIM Luxembourg and its Italian Branch and REIM Italy is available to everyone, up-to-date and in line with the REIM Business Line.

      To do so, the objective is to participate to the REIM Business line, then decline locally the REIM Risk Mapping. Once done, it is reviewed by RISK, OPC central and validated by the COM or Executive committee

    2. Procedure Design

      One part of the work to be done is to help the operational teams to design/write/update the local procedures with the operational teams, as they have to take ownership of the process part of their day-to-day

    3. OPC Controls

      To implement at local level the control plans, the methodology of the permanent controls system and the subsequent updates;

      To execute, in collaboration with the relevant company functions/areas, the operational controls;

      To analyze the control results; to define and monitor the corrective actions, where necessary in collaboration with the functions/areas involved.

    4. First level controls within REIM Italy and Italian Branch

      To implement, execute and report of first level controls (deriving from the Lod1-Lod2 Compliance project), in the field of: Protection of Clients Interest; Market Integrity; Professional Ethics; Financial Security (excluding KY controls1); Regulatory & Fiscal Items;

      Analysis of control results; definition and monitoring of corrective actions, where necessary, in collaboration with the managers of the company functions/areas involved.

    5. First-level local controls

      To implement, update and report of first-level controls resulting from the REIM Local Control Compliance Plan;

      To execute, in collaboration with the company functions/areas involved, the controls mentioned above

      To analyse the control results; to define and monitor the corrective actions, where necessary in collaboration with the company functions/areas involved.

    6. Operational Incident Report

      Once an operational incident happens, it has to be reported to OPC central.

      Obtain information from the operational team where the incident happened, filled out a report file and sends it to OPC central.

    7. Preparation of the Internal Control Committees
      On a semi-annual basis, Internal Control Committees are organised at REIM Lux level.

    8. OPC ad-hoc request
      Attend the request from OPC central in Paris.

  2. Inspection Générale and/or External Auditors Recommendations
    To monitor and follow-up of the finding and recommendations issued by Inspection Générale and/or external auditors/ authorities (e.g. regulators); Definition of action plans and compliance with deadlines.

  3. BCP Manager and Crisis Manager
    The BCP and crisis manager is in charge of the operational implementation, roll-out and maintenance of business continuity solutions and crisis management in accordance with regulatory requirements, Group policies and specific policies defined by BNPP RE. He/she ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the solutions defined and for the Italian perimeter he/she will coordinate the activities with the local BCP Manager.

The role includes the following tasks:

  • Implement the business continuity plan that addresses disaster recovery, business recovery and emergency response management
  • Implement the crisis management plan
  • Manage the BC/CM action plan and report to BNPP RE Central
  • Animate a network of correspondents
  • Assist in defining the business continuity needs based on different unavailable scenarios defined
  • Raise the knowledge of Business Continuity/Crisis management inside the entity through communication, training and awareness campaign
  • Coordinate and help the Business Lines to maintain their Business Impact Analysis’s and plans
  • Report all the work performed and planned in the BC & Crisis Management in decisional committees BNPP REAL ESTATE twice a year
  • Develop, produce and update BCP/CM materials and documentation compliant with Group/entity requirements (plans, emergency response procedures, call lists, test results, etc.)
  • Organise tests and exercises (user tests, technical test, notification test) and prepare reports on the results of these tests
  • Conduct RETEX/feedback experiences after real crisis/test/exercises/BCP activation;
  • If the BCP is activated, be a key player in the implementation of the BCP until the situation returns to BAU
  • Assist in the self-assessment of business continuity and crisis management
  • Provide information requested for reporting purposes and periodic control on business continuity activities within deadlines

Bachelor or Master Degree in business or finance

4 years’ experience in similar function

Perfectly fluent in English and in Italian

Excellent communication skills

Strong organizational skills and attention to details

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