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In practice, your daily duties

The Inspection Générale unit conducts, on behalf of the Executive Management, audit missions in France and abroad in all Group activities. As a member of the Models team, you will carry out audits on the Group’s models, also used by its entities.

To do this:

You will be tasked with the analysis and quality evaluation of the models;

You will check that the models are mathematically and financially accurate as well as their correct construction, validation and implementation;

You will check that all applicable regulations are complied with;

You will make specific findings and recommendations to improve the Risk Management system;

Finally, you will evaluate, when necessary, the actions of the management.

Missions available will dictate your work life, with an average of 3 missions a year of 10 weeks each in the main financial centers in Europe, Asia and the United States.

The working environment is important!

You will join a team dedicated to auditing the Group’s models.

This team is integrated into the Markets Models section, which conducts all inspection missions on the activities and products in France and abroad in all Group activities.

When you are not on a mission, you are based in Paris in the 19th arrondissement.

What happens next?

This position, which provides a real opportunity to gain experience, will allow you to develop and apply your knowledge of multiple models used by the Group.

After spending 18 months in the Models unit, you can either acquire more in-depth knowledge of our models or join the Market & Model Inspectors team to broaden your skills on other topics by conducting audits of our market activities.

Why should you join BNP Paribas?

Our world is changing: the way we get information, the way we use our resources… The way we work has changed as well!

Nowadays, what makes work count is having real experiences, learning, moving forward, sharing objectives and results with colleagues, expressing creativity.

Simply put, aspiring to chart your own path, one that is both reliable and sustainable.

At BNP Paribas, we recruit our employees with the idea that they will help us shape the world and the bank of tomorrow. Do you want to know all the reasons for joining us and applying to become our next Inspector at BNP Paribas Inspection Générale?

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Are you our next Model Inspector?

Yes, if you have graduated from an engineering or a business school or an equivalent academic qualification, with a specialization in financial mathematics and quantitative finance, which enabled you to acquire a solid knowledge of mathematics (stochastic calculations, probabilities, statistics) and market finance (derivatives, pricing);

And if you have made significant placements in the Front Office (trading, structuring, quantitative research) or in a market risk control department (model development or validation).

Through this experience you have acquired sound knowledge and expertise on models;

You have developed good communication, analysis and synthesis skills;

Plus, you are known for your ability to work with others and are able to adapt to any of your interlocutors.

You are fluent in English and you are available for frequent international travel.

In a changing world, diversity, equity and inclusion are key values for the well-being and performance of teams. At BNP Paribas, we want to welcome and retain all talents without distinction: this is how we will together build the finance of tomorrow, innovative, responsible and sustainable.

Finally, we attach a particular importance to our future employees acting on a day-to-day basis with ethical and professional responsibility. At any time during the recruitment process, the information on your resumé, your identification data and your background can be checked.

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Type d'emploi
Standard / Permanent
Domaine d'activité
Niveau d'études
Master Degree or equivalent (> 4 years)
Niveau d'expérience

Why should I apply?

Basically, why would you want to join BNP Paribas over any other company?


  • What if we told you that working in our Group isn’t quite what you might think? At BNP Paribas, we do a multitude of different jobs that are constantly evolving to meet the expectations of our clients and society as a whole. Whether through everyday tasks or major projects, doing one of our jobs means making a personal commitment to taking sustainable action.

  • Feeling good about your job means bringing your whole self to work and being who you are. It’s also about having the resources you need to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Both of these are major commitments at BNP Paribas.

  • At BNP Paribas, developing your skills is as important to us as it is to you. And the skills you learn with us will help you through the rest of your working life.

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