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LSMO Clerk/Officer

Last update 31.05.2024

Direct Responsibilities

 - Ensuring the correct processing of loan by checking all  the commercial terms of the loan are correctly booked against the facility agreement/authorization ticket and in compliance with internal procedures/guidelines as well as regulatory requirements

-      Ensuring  that unhealthy bank debt record is checked through PBOC CRS system every time handling loan drawdown/rollover for clients

-       Advising RM and referring  to CTM for any  irregularities found in the control process including limit excess, invalid security document status, file review overdue etc.

-       Ensuring various credit related fees are deducted/collected on timely basis

-       Validating  of all relevant documentation (master agreement, application form, execution authorization …) for cash-pooling

-      Ensuring Cash pooling reports are mailed to the account holders on monthly basis

-     Timely preparation and submission of various regulatory returns assigned to the LSMO

-     Timely and correct updating of clients’ credit/financial information into the PBOC CIS system

Contributing Responsibilities

  • He or she shall possess a culture of accountability and discipline for management of loan data quality
  • He or she shall have clear understanding of data definition in order to secure the data quality 
  • Direct contribution to BNPP operational permanent control framework.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and internal guidelines.

Permanent Control Aspects

  • Direct contribution to BNPP operational permanent control framework.
  • Contribute to the implementation of operational permanent control policies and procedures in day-to-day business activities, such as Control Plan
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and internal guidelines
  • Contribute to the reporting of all incidents according to the Incident Management System

Ensure audit recommendations are resolved within the specific timeline.

  • Strong Operational and administrative skills
  • Excellent knowledge of PRC regulatory constraints on loan operations
  • Sound PC skills including proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Good communication / interpersonal skills and strong team spirit
  • Proactive, self-disciplined, self-motivated with ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Ability to think independently and to solve problems

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